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A Rant about Keywords and URLs

A day or two ago I was pinged by a co-worker from my previous job. He wanted to know why, during its recent redesign, I didn’t include keywords in the URLs of the pages on a site I originally built a long, long time ago. I told him that there was no concrete evidence anywhere

AmericanGreetings Valentine Virus

If you get an email with the subject line “Valentine’s Day eCard !” that looks like it came from AmericanGreetings <>, it’s most likely a virus. I’m not even going to take a chance by clicking the link. The link appears to be to the domain, but if you hover your mouse over it

Naperville Public Library Books

When I got to the office today there was a package sitting on my desk. I received my sixth copy of Gregg Easterbrook‘s “The Progress Paradox: How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse” — I keep giving them away! — via Amazon’s used book marketplace. The book is in near-perfect condition, perhaps because it

Grocery Trickery

Where do I go to complain about grocery store shenanigans? I’m at the end of my rope with Ralph’s, the local supermarket here in Los Angeles. There are two things they are doing to blatantly defraud customers and it’s driving me crazy.

m4o cece records money4opinions

We all know that Critical IP sucks. I’d also like to make it known that money4opinions sucks. There are dozens of comments at that link about how these cretins are running an on-line scam. Please feel free to spread the word. Here’s the HTML: < a title=”read about bad experiences with this company” href=”″ >money4opinions</a>

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

I can’t possibly be the only one that’s received the ridiculous-but-oh-so-earnest spam from the alleged Dr. Sule Ibrahim, Director of Project Implementation for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Let me know if you got it, too! We could start a little club! It would be ultra-secret, and you can only be a member if you received


I can’t remember how I happened upon Money4Opinions.Com, but I’m interested. They want $19.95 to join their little community, so that makes me wary – I tend to be skeptical. I’m not about to plunk down twenty bucks unless I can find some objective review. I searched Google and Yahoo and couldn’t find anything about

eMail Petitions

When you get an eMail petition, think DELETE! link via Follow Me Here …

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