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Ryan Tober

<Southern Baptist Revival Preacher Voice> I have got to get y’all to give out a louuuuud Gator-chompin’, foot-stompin’, party-rompin’, company-credit-card-compin’ Happy 30th – I say THIRTY-ETH – Birth-a-day to my son Ryan Tober in Hotlanta, Jaw-ja! </Southern Baptist Revival Preacher Voice> (Gift en route.)

You Never Give Me Your Money

In which I rank highly for some odd terms

I Met TheBrad

I must admit that yes, I did ask him when he was leaving. And yes, I did ask him why he was here. I’m ashamed and downtrodden. He paid for breakfast though, and it was quite good – even if Cantor’s, in general, is a Jerry’s Deli-esque sludgehole that, IMHO, is not even on par

MetaFilter Sex Talk

I took a break from hacking out code and building insanely unsexy stored procedures tonight and happened upon what truly is the best Me-Fi thread ever. I must now seriously evaluate all of my previous notions concerning Portugal. linky goodness via


I have Papa John’s pizza on speed dial on my office phone.

Wow! is a great ego-searcher

Am I way behind the rest of the bus by just now finding this? I’ve been way out of touch with Bloggerville lately.

Countdown to Kickoff

Countdown to Kickoff

OK…I’m going to the UF v. Miami game and the UF v. Ole Miss. Who else is in? Zook needs all the help he can get!


For some ridiculous reason I was still at the office at 11:45pm yesterday. When I got on the highway at 11:55pm, I mistakenly assumed that traffic would be minimal and I would zip home. Ha! They closed the 405. They. Closed. The. 405. Comically they chose not to let you know that it was closed

Time Again

Time Again

College Football Bowl Season

Washington Gators

Washington Gators

CARLISLE, Pa. (AP) — It took only one NFL exhibition game for Steve Spurrier to get quizzed about running up the score. The Redskins never quit throwing in the 38-7 victory against the San Francisco 49ers in the American Bowl, including a fourth-and-1 post pattern to the end zone for a 31-yard touchdown in the

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