Notes on a former UF QB

The fifth Bachelor edition will also follow the established gradual process of elimination, as Jesse narrows the field of women from twenty-five to fifteen on the season premiere, presenting each of his choices with a single red rose. Jesse then closes the gap to 10, six, four, three, two and, ultimately, the one woman who captures his heart. As always, if at any point along the way any of the women decide that they are no longer interested in Jesse, they may reject his invitation to continue dating.

Jesse Palmer was drafted by the Giants in 2001 and became the team’s top back-up quarterback last season. Jesse ranks fourth on the University of Florida Gators’ all-time list with a 133.14 passing efficiency rating and was named to the Southeastern Conference’s Academic Honor Roll for the third straight year in 2000.

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  1. What the heck does that mean?

  2. Jesse , j’espere que tu sais qu’est que tu fais, et tu choisies quelqu’en pour toi;))))

  3. i love jesse alot…..i think hes nice and very handsome no doubt…….i admired him and i wish he find the rite girl..

  4. i think trish is not for him. i hope he ditches her for life!

  5. I have enjoyed watching the Bachelor with Jessie Palmer.

    He is very handsome hope he makes the right choice, NOT TRISH

  6. I hope he doesnt choose Trish

  7. who won?!?!
    i missed the last episode!

  8. hey jesse is a heeps good looking guy! very sexy! thank god he didn’t pick trish…. i like jessica but i think tara was the one for him..jessica is to young..and tara is alot prettier. tara loved jesse more than anything..
    i love the show…hope they have more… bubi

  9. Tara, you are nice, intelligent and beautiful, you’ll find the right guy for you. Kisses.

  10. im glad jess one she was my fav!

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