Here’s part of a conversation I thought was funny

David Vincent Gagne says:
you know what’s obnoxious?
ebay is awful
they email me when I have LOST an auction

David Vincent Gagne says:
why the #$@* would I want an email like that?

a.friend says:
i don’t even have the energy to talk abt why I hate ebay
they send you might want to bid on…

David Vincent Gagne says:
why the hell don’t they email me ten minutes BEFORE it’s over if I’m not in the lead?
THAT would be useful

a.friend says:
they should do that
next time I see you I will tell you what happened with us
we were managing an ebay store for a client
we had 54k in products online

David Vincent Gagne says:
or at the very least they should have an “Add to Outlook” link on every item so you can store a reminder in your calendar

a.friend says:
they shut off the store

David Vincent Gagne says:
what were they selling?

a.friend says:
dental supplies
everything was kosher
i will tell you in person

David Vincent Gagne says:
jewish dental supplies?

a.friend says:
i mean, it wasn’t black market

David Vincent Gagne says:
there’s your problem, dude

a.friend says:
we had invoices

David Vincent Gagne says:
NOBODY but NOBODY lets you deal in jewish dental supplies

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