In which he sets an unrealistic goal

1825I have never really been big on New Year’s resolutions. Usually by the 3rd I’ve forgotten whatever it was I was supposed to be doing differently. This year’s different, though. If you’ve been following me on Twitter you have probably noticed me posting my five-mile run times. My goal — and it’s a tough one, I’ll give you that — is to run 1,825 miles this year. That’s 5 miles/day, every day of the year… 365 × 5 = 1825. If I miss a day, I’ll run 10 miles the next day. And I plan on running the LA Marathon again this year, so that will no doubt give me some free days. Am I crazy? Sure. Everyone seems to think that it’s a “bad” goal. Everyone, in fact, has been violently and aggressively opposed to the idea and basically told me I was a horrible person for even considering it. (To be fair, Kelly has merely said that it’s a stupid plan, but he’s been more or less supportive.) So there you go.

Feel free to tell me how I’m going to destroy my knees, that my body will never be able to handle it, that I’m going to get sick and never recover, etc.

Better still would be to tell me what your “1825” is for 2009.

And, if you’re wondering, I made that nifty “1825” button using this Political Campaign Button tutorial from PhotoShop Hero.

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  1. Go for the gold buddy,

    Perhaps you should contact a physician to be on the safe side to ensure you are setting a healthy goal.

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