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  • Beyond Apu — Why are there suddenly so many Indians on television?
  • Want to save the Gulf of Mexico? Learn how to boom properly.
  • The leading web property for yuletide holiday determination is now on your mobile phone. Never be at a loss again. Get the Is It Christmas? iPhone app!
  • I got 99 problems but breathing ain’t one.
  • It is a little-known fact that you can perform (almost) every pop song ever recorded using just four chords.
  • A real-life Batman: This blind man “sees” using echolocation.
  • It would be pretty rad to ride an elephant to work where your pet orangutan plays with his dog.
  • New Scientist details the eight most amazing commutes in the animal kingdom. (Did you know that the Pacific leatherback turtle swims from Indonesia to Oregon and back every year?)

2024-02-07: Broken links in this post have been removed and/or updated.

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