Making my Nike Fuel Points goal

Nike Running AppWe had seriously considered going to Disneyland today, but my little boy had a stuffy nose and was feeling generally under the weather. He kept asking for, “Small World ride?” but it just didn’t seem like a good idea to take him. Instead he and I snuggled in bed all day watching The Masters. (He must have said “Daddy! Hit the golf ball!” a thousand times.)

By late afternoon I was desperately in need of Fuel Points to make my daily goal, and the only way to realistically do it was to go on a run. So I hit the road, Jack, and knocked out a solid seven miles. At exactly the three-mile mark, I hit the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd and Century Park W and bumped into a couple of (newly wed) dear friends out walking their dog. While dripping with sweat and panting more than their pup, I stopped and talked to them for about five minutes. When I went to resume my run, I accidentally hit the End button instead of the Resume button.

This is my one and only complaint about the otherwise incredible (and free) Nike Running iOS app. Because there is no way to change your mind, correct your mistake, reverse your decision, or whatever you want to call it, ending a run should really be a two-step process, where the second step is a confirmation. This is the second time now that I have accidentally clicked the End button and killed a run that was still in progress.

So that is why, if you are following me on Twitter or Facebook, you saw that it looked like I went on two short runs today instead of one seven-miler.



Here are the tracks I heard on my run:

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