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There was no news at hyperbole about my house. So did you get that lost? I, too, love creating new words. And she keeps thinking of better and better ones! In fact I have enjoyed reading cut n’ paste more and more every day for a few weeks now. I have a copy of the

Doh! We are going to dinner tonight so I will probably miss the better part of #blogIRC. If you’re there, I hope you enjoy some fun with the MetaCamPage. I made it just for the #blogIRCers.

I’m listening to the new Pearl Jam CD, binaural, though. I already love it and I’ve only heard the first two songs. I bought it on-line when I ordered the tix and was surprised that it got here only a day after it went on sale. I considered buying a copy tonight at Best Buy. Ryan and I went there after work (I was thinking about buying an ice-blue Handspring Visor Deluxe. But after seeing the HP Jornada up close… grrr… it’s a tough decision now. I have — at least temporarily — decided not to buy either one.) and I said, “Naah… I won’t buy it. It’s probably on its way to my house now.” And I got home. And there it was.


Reminder: Wednesday nights – #blogirc


Man, I’m a dolt. I thought I was logging all the URLs I was catching last night but I wasn’t. If you were there, and if you posted a URL, and if you read this … please re-send me your URL!


Visit: BrainLog and on a completely unrelated note: don’t forget! wednesday nights – #blogirc

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