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Visine Warning?

A bleary-eyed notice from TeamBilly HQ: No more Visine. Doc’s exact words: “Unless you’re an actor and need a quick fix, don’t use the stuff. Use artificial tears or something better. But not Visine.” Apparently the quick fix you get from tetrahydrozaline works, but when it wears off you go right back to swollen eye

Questions: The Anti-Drug

There is an anti-drug billboard near my house with a picture of a bunch of kids playing basketball. Superimposed on the photo is the line, “After school my child likes to _______ .” Below that is some blather about questions being the anti-drug. “Know what your children like to do,” or something like that. Some

What a strange way to put it …

“Ten years ago I might not be sitting here today.” – from a commercial for America’s Pharmaceutical Companies

“My grandmother was 81, she died at home in her bed, with her daughter holding her hand. It wasn’t a prolonged illness, but at the same time we had enough warning that we were all able to say our goodbyes. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to go. Well, maybe some sort of elaborate mass suicide involving fireworks and showgirls and drugs and showgirls on drugs, and maybe showgirls on drugs on fire. Ooh, yeah, flaming showgirls! But back to my original point. The funeral provided …”
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“You don’t see the severe acute consequences you get with alcohol or cocaine,” Dr. Budney said. “People don’t embarrass themselves. They don’t wreck the car. They don’t spend all their money on a binge. “That doesn’t mean it’s not addictive. It can be insidious. It gets into your lifestyle and then you can’t get it

Drug Cocktail

I have a little drug cocktail now. It’s a combination of Flonase, Allegra, and the generic version of something called Duratuss. There’s no generic version of Allegra or Flonase, so it costs about $50 (after insurance) for the three for about a two-month supply. But it’s wonderful. Pharmaceuticals rock my world. I can – for

No More Periods, Period?

Should science eliminate menstruation?

Bad Drugs

Bad Drugs

The dangers of college life

Bloggy Goodness

This is why I read Romenesko’s Obscure Store and Reading Room: Sisters Go Bonkers on Plane after Boozing It Up: The twin sisters, who are models, went from shouting to fighting. They smoked in the bathroom and used perfume to mask the odor, says an affidavit. One said to another: “I’ve gotta get out of

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