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The Adventures of the Boy with Immovable Hair

Walking Blues

I have to walk in front of the CEO’s office on my way to my office at HSND. This morning she said she didn’t know who I was because I was wearing my Red Sox hat. “I don’t recognize you unless I see that shiny blonde hair!” I laughed and took off my hat so

In Which He Compares

From the Anything Joe Can Blog I Can Blog Too Dept.: Andrea is now a blonde and Tara is now a strawberry blonde. blue! Huh? What was that? blue! Do you hear something? BLUE! I wonder if it’s time for me to have a color change? go blue! Hmmmm …

Head Shaved

I shaved most of my hair Sunday afternoon. The sides are way shaved. The top is mostly the same. The insane chick at Supercuts only charged my $4.95 instead of the full $9.95 since it only took her like five minutes. I tell you this because ever since Jorge shaved my head at my 18th

Firda hair and goatee

Firda thinks I should do my hair and goatee like this. I guess it would certainly be different, but I don’t know if I’m willing to invest that much in hair gel.

My First Real Post

Tonight is the first night of the new web site. Long live the new web site! Soon will come death! Death to the old web site! Will anyone notice? Can GH&FC get any more crowded? That place is packed on Monday nights. It’s full of flabby people who finally decided that *this* is the week

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