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The Douche Hat

The chapeau pictured here has become pathetically popular in Los Angeles lately. For a year or so we referred to it as The K-Fed, but now we just call it The Douche Hat. (This should not be considered a compliment.) Even K-Fed hardly ever is seen in public donning it these days, it’s become so

Gators BCS Championship Gear

Gators BCS Championship Gear

To celebrate the Florida Gators third BCS Championship, I headed to the fantastic site and purchased a 2006 / 2008 hat combo pack and a couple of t-shirts. I guess they still had a bunch of 2006 hats in stock and were trying to get rid of them; you really can’t beat $34.99 for

New Nike Sox Cap

What the hell is this? I just got an email from Lids telling me that Nike’s got a new BoSox cap. Are they on crack or something? An “S” with the red socks? It looks ridiculous, and most people won’t even know it’s a Red Sox cap! Check it out: S == Seattle S <>

Last Year Was Next Year

I really love that I didn’t have to stare at the page and wonder. I knew immediately, based on the context of the rest of the site, what MFY Fan meant. In other news: I just got what is probably my fifteenth or twentieth Sox cap. There’s something alarmingly tragically poetic about a man so


NFL players have unusually small hat sizes.


I’m wearing another new cap today. This one is a gift from The Coop. The Harvard Cooperative is the world’s best campus book store. They have everything a college student could ever need. Harvard University: The Univeristy of Florida of the North.

Nifty Hat

Check out the nifty hat on the Billycam! But you better get there soon because he’s changing hats even more quickly than me these days …

pith helmet

How could I forget to mention that I own a pith helmet?!


Well … since you asked … There are 86 baseball caps hanging on the walls of this place. There are at least three in the Rodeo, too. And I know there are 2 in my gym bag and one or two more downstairs. There are: 2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers hats 4 New England Patriots hats

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