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iTunes Tuesday: Show in Playlist

There are two types of playlists in iTunes: Smart Playlists and “regular” playlists. A Smart Playlist depends on parameters you’ve set, like “songs added in the last month”, or “songs by The Beatles or Bob Dylan”. Regular playlists — also known as “user-generated playlists” — are the ones you create. (These are the playlists you

iTunes Tuesday: New This Month

Sometimes you just want to be able to quickly get to the new stuff. That’s why I have a Smart Playlist called “New This Month”. This playlist contains all the tracks I’ve added in the last month, and I keep it synchronized with both my iPhone and with my iPod Nano. I always have all

iTunes Tuesday: Display Song Lyrics

Did you know that you can store a song’s lyrics inside iTunes? Simply right-click on any song and choose Get Info. Then switch to the Lyrics tab and paste the lyrics there. Now when you play that track on your iPhone or iPod touch, the lyrics will be displayed right on the screen.

iTunes Tuesday: Show Minibrowser

You know that cool minibrowser that you see at the top of your Music library? You can use it to see all the genres, artists, and albums in the current group of tracks. It’s a pretty handy way to “drill down” into your collection. By default it does not display when you’re viewing one of

iTunes Tuesday: Beatles and Bob

If you put a gun to my head and forced me to pick my favorite band, I’d have to go with The Beatles. (You could just ask me, though. What’s with the gun? Chill out, psycho.) I have — as far as I know — every track they ever recorded, and it’s not a stretch

Not Quite Genius

So Apple released a new version of iTunes today. Version 8 includes a new feature called “Genius”. Play a song, click the Genius button, and iTunes creates a playlist of other songs from your library that go great together. This sounds like a cool idea, although I consider myself already pretty handy at creating smart

Build Better Smart Playlists

There is a secret to creating killer Smart Playlists in iTunes. You have to know what not to play. The best way to do that is with an “ignore list”. And I’m going to show you how to make one. For several years now iTunes has given you the ability to use playlists themselves as

Keeping iTunes Organized

Keeping iTunes Organized

In which I explain how to conserve hard drive space

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