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Dad’s Frying Pan Popcorn

Dad’s Frying Pan Popcorn

How to Make the Best Skillet Popcorn Ever

Orville Redenbacher’s Organic Scam

Few things in life irk me as much as getting duped. Caveat emptor: Because Ralph’s refuses to provide meaningful unit price labels — and because the box is exactly the same size and shape as the other forty-two varieties of their microwave popcorn — you might be fooled into thinking that the “sale” price of

Popcorn Fork

The Popcorn Fork™ will be the 4th commonly used eating utensil in the home (especially when the dishwasher hasn’t been emptied.) Now you, too, can say good-bye to greasy fingers and paper napkins. With new finger foods coming to market almost daily, the least I can do is help clean up this delicious mess!

Dr. Twitchell

So yesterday, while I was reading this, I ate an entire bag of microwave popcorn. No, I’m not a slow reader, you dork. I am an extremely fast popcorn-eater. I in-freakin’-hale the stuff. I love popcorn. Then when we went to see X-Men I consumed a Large bag during the previews. So by like nine

Movies and Coke

Movies and Coke

On being caffeinated at night

What Is This? is the personal weblog of me, David Vincent Gagne. I've been publishing here since 1999, which makes this one of the oldest continuously-updated websites on the Internet.

A few years ago I was trying to determine what cocktails I could make with the alcohol I had at home. I searched the App Store but couldn't find an app that would let me do that, so I built one.


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