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It really drives me nuts that you can’t delete Notepad.exe in Windows 2000. Oh, you can, but only if you really muck around with your files. Here is a tutorial on getting rid of the pesky application. Note that you must delete the notepad.ex_ file from your I386 directory before you try to delete the

Menu Help

Here’s a pretty cool trick from the January 1997 issue of PCComputing.Com: The Windows Start Menu has a built-in stutter, a brief delay in the appearance of the Programs, Documents, Settings, and Find fly-out menus that’s supposed to make Windows easier for mouse newbies. If you tend to think of any intentional PC delay as

More Hacks

Reghacks – Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks for Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP

Two Tricks

Two great tips from Restart Windows without Restarting your Computer Speed up system restart

Windows Registry

The Windows Registry Guide is full of registry tweaks, tricks, and hacks to optimize, enhance, and secure Microsoft Windows. This is really a wonderful site. There are dozens of mini-tutorials to make Windows do all sorts of nifty things. I really like this place.


Here’s a workaround for one of Windows 9x’s annoyances. Sometimes when you make a change in a window — for example, when you create a new folder through an open application — you won’t see it until you refresh the window by pressing F5 or until you close and reopen that folder. To have Windows


Are there applications in your Install / Uninstall list (in the Add/Remove Programs dialog box) that you’ve already deleted from your system? Or that, when you select them and click the Add / Remove button, give you a message that the uninstallation can’t proceed? Sure, you could leave them there and forget about them, but

Desktop Clutter

If you want to show the door to the InBox, Recycle Bin, or Microsoft Network, here’s how: Run REGEDIT and drill down through the layers to find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Explorer\ Desktop\ NameSpace Click the plus sign (+) next to NameSpace to reveal several numeric fields. Clicking on any one of these will

How to Add a Right-Click Blog This! Menu to IE

I’ve written a little tutorial. If you’re in a group / community blog at blogger and can’t access the “Settings” page to give yourself the right-click “Blog This!” menu, here’s how.

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