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Two Walking Stories

A couple of adventures in Tampa

Biblical Rain

Today it has rained. Rain. Lots of rain. Biblical rain. Tampa, Fl? Very wet. Just thought you’d like to know. I slept. Lots of sleep. Biblical sleep. David V. Gagne? Very well rested.

Ear Pierce

Cha. Finally got the top o’ the ear pierced. I only say it like that b/c I spent the night at an irish pub first. Need the job done right in Tampa? Call Pike @ Mean Machine Tattoo Co.. 3415 S Dale Mabry, 33629 (813) 831 – 1106

Christmas in July

There are something like 3000 employees at the Home Shopping Network HQ. This is where I am working now. Apparently there is a strange thing that only I have noticed happening here. I am finding it increasingly difficult as the day progresses to not grab someone by the lapels (or blouse) and scream, “Why the


Damn. There is some problem with the met4quad archive. I keep getting an FTP error from blogger. Rather than fix it, I think I will go drinking with Bob, the self-described husband of Gretchen, at the Red Dog Bar & Grill on Bay-to-Bay Ave. Bay-to-Bay stretches from one bay to another. Nifty name for a


I was just in the middle of reading about TheBrad’s journey through ADSL Hell when the thunder began a-rollin’. Hard core thunder. Thunder such that you would be hard-pressed to determine if what you were hearing was thunder or someone trying to recreate the running of the bulls at Pamplona in your attic. Thunder so


Reminder: Wednesday nights – #blogirc We’re starting the move to Tampa tonight so I will probably miss most of it. Someone turn on logging!


There was no news at hyperbole about my house. So did you get that lost? I, too, love creating new words. And she keeps thinking of better and better ones! In fact I have enjoyed reading cut n’ paste more and more every day for a few weeks now. I have a copy of the


Buy tickets to see Pearl Jam on August 9, 2000 at Mars Music Amphitheater in West Palm Beach. Buy tickets to see Pearl Jam on August 12, 2000 at the Ice Palace in Tampa. Buy tickets to see Dave Matthews Band on September 9, 2000 at the Ice Palace in Tampa. Let me know if


Apparently there are jobs growing on trees in Tampa for uber-geeks like me. I could work for The Home Shopping Network with Gretchen! How cool is that? Must … buy … more … Bucs … hats …

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