Fix me in 45.


Somehow I got on this page: Denk je dat je alles hebt gehad…. I get very upset when people don’t put a space before and after their ellipses, or when someone uses more or less than three periods when writing ellipses, and I don’t speak Dutch. But this looks really nifty! I have no […]


Hey! Check it out: I’m the Blog of the Day!


The HotList Harvester at and the beebo charts have long gone the way of the dodo. This little tool at MIT has finally, once again, given residents of bloggerville a way to ego-surf.


MIT’s Media lab is experimenting with a new tool that tracks the links that are posted in online weblogs/diaries. If successful, Blogdex could provide a very valuable resource for the average information seeker as Blogs are flat out where it’s at. via Davenetics

How Fresh

Riddle Me This: How Fresh Is This Guy? [link via not so soft]

He Asked for a Link

Well. This isn’t a new song. But it’s the first time it’s ever happened, so I’m blogging this guy because he actually asked for some “interlinky lovin’”. So. It’s very nice to see that I might have more than just the one listener / reader.

Weblog Review

Ruzz had disappeared for a few weeks and I thought he was out of the blogging game. Boy, was I wrong! He’s back. While he was gone he did some work for the folks at WeblogReview and – talk about being busy! – created a brand new cms called bigblogtool. I discovered all this when […]


If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, take’s Purity Test. This little gem has been around the ‘net for years. Apparently it was revived last night in blogIRC. I didn’t arrive until much later, so I missed most of the fun. I did score a 32% on the test recently. That means I’m […]

blog link

A good blog deserves a plug: Brainstorms and Raves


A few days ago I was showing someone my Visor and the woman saw deadman in my contacts and said, “Deadman? you know someone named deadman?” I laughed and said, “Yeah. He’s a cool guy. He’s a friend of mine.” It was a strange moment. And in that instant I thought about how many people […]


I got one eMail. So. I guess one person visits. Okay. You know who you are. I hope you appreciate this.


So. I have the sinking feeling that nobody even knows this page exists. I’ve tried to promote it. I really have. But I never get any response. Does anyone ever visit this page? Do you download songs? Do you think it’s a nifty idea? If I don’t hear anything from anyone in the next few […]


sixkill + thinkdink = 1

the return of haha

Just when you think someone has disappeared for good … haha – no, serious returns!


If you haven’t been there lately, blink your way to He’s redesigned and it’s awesome. Dig the silkscreen dateheaders. Kids, it doesn’t get much groovier than that. The implementation’s the thing, man. Amazing. And since I stole this link from him … Have you seen yet?! Create a t-shirt. People vote. The best […]

How to Add a Right-Click Blog This! Menu to IE

I’ve written a little tutorial. If you’re in a group / community blog at blogger and can’t access the “Settings” page to give yourself the right-click “Blog This!” menu, here’s how.

Appendix B

Last year I created Appendix B, an unordered listing of all the currently known featurettes in Bloggerville. I decided to make it an entry here so that you can add comments, tell me of new featurettes, etc. If you know of a featurette not listed here, or if you know of a moved or modified […]

The Switch

So. I did it. I’ve revamped. You are now looking at a Powered by GreyMatter web site. I’m going to miss blogger, I’m sure. But Noah Grey created a powerful, easy tool and, well … all the cool kids are doing it these days.


Well … I guess I’ve let this place fester long enough. Time to get things going around here again …

Now with 33% More Sodium!

You really should be reading Über each and every day. I can’t stress this enough. I’m not kidding. Seriously. I stopped reading for a few weeks and, man, I don’t want to tell you the things that started happening to me. It was bad. Real bad. But now I’m reading Über again and everything is […]