It's all ball-bearings nowadays.


Bud has been going strong for about a half an hour now so I think it’s safe to say he’s cured. Many thanks to those of you that sent him well-wishes and were obviously concerned. You may notice that not only is he happy and whirring away, but my little WebCam Go! is running again […]

five days

It’s been five days since the last time I blogged her , so I guess it’s safe to write that today I learned that Kamu lucu is Indonesian for, “You’re funny!” Ryan and I managed to find a new power supply for Bud at lunch today. My little buddy should be whirring away and ready […]


Well Bud is on his side on my desk at the house. His heart (power supply) has been removed and he hasn’t whirred a click in over 24 hours. It’s probably the longest I’ve been without computing at home in five years. Last night I was in a daze. I couldn’t get on-line; no eMail; […]


If you’re wearing headphones and listening to the Foo Fighters then you won’t hear your cell phone ring at midnight but it’s okay because the cell phone ether waves will make your monitor all fuzzy …