I know more of tactics than a novice in a nunnery.

August 25th, 2000 @ 4:11 pm

Here’s a shot of my old office at Regeneration Technologies, Inc. The photo is about a year old. Note the Yield album cover near my monitor. Also note Snoopy!

August 23rd, 2000 @ 11:40 pm

Me Well. That’s what it’s all about, right? So here I am. These aren’t exactly the best pictures of me; but they are the ones that I like – for one reason or another. Lemme splain. I used to have a mad fascination with capturing myself on film. I had a camera in the bathroom […]

August 23rd, 2000 @ 11:59 am
David Rows

Here are five shots of me rowing. I sat two-seat for almost every race. These pictures do not do the sport justice.

August 21st, 2000 @ 2:50 pm

Well after blogging a photo of me and Jenny last week, it’s only fair for you to get to see Michelle “Mooshy” Gagne. Yes. I do have the two cutest little sisters in the world, now that you mention it.

August 20th, 2000 @ 3:32 am
Pearl Jam Concert

Michelle sent me some photos from the Pearl Jam weekend.

August 18th, 2000 @ 1:56 pm

Here’s a shot of me and my little sister Jenny. This is a house on Goddard Street in Providence, RI.

August 17th, 2000 @ 9:37 am
the view

The view from my dad’s back porch is beautiful.

August 16th, 2000 @ 9:38 pm

New photo added to the Apartment of Sin archive! It’s aos_andydvg.jpg.

August 15th, 2000 @ 9:40 pm
Bart Simpson is Delightfully Saucy
July 28th, 2000 @ 10:20 am
humorous webcam images of bloggers

Strange things are afoot at packetmonkeys.net …

July 26th, 2000 @ 10:15 pm
set list from Stone Temple Pilots concert
July 19th, 2000 @ 10:29 am
Angelina Jolie

Holy hell! Yowza! Thank you! Thank you, Stuyvesant Parker!

July 19th, 2000 @ 9:29 am
webcam shot

explaining the webcam shots today: Since Sylvia left for the hospital at 6 am and won’t return until tomorrow afternoon, I figured it would be a good idea to make it look like someone is home.

July 7th, 2000 @ 4:10 am
Jennifer Gagne

I have a younger sister named Jennifer. She is very likely the coolest, hippest, nicest, all-around most awesome human to have ever lived on this planet. Nothing ever makes me happier than seeing her happy. I am, however, very glad that this is not her. Because that would just add all kinds of stress to […]

July 6th, 2000 @ 8:34 pm
Home Shopping Network Direct
July 5th, 2000 @ 2:16 pm
Pearl Jam Cover

The origin of the cover of Pearl Jam‘s new album can be found at National Geographic Magazine‘s web page. Very cool.

July 3rd, 2000 @ 1:51 pm
Scanned Photographs

I completely forgot to mention that I scanned some more photographs a few nights ago. There are a few new ones of me and my dad and one of my mom. Some other ones, too. I can’t remember. This is more evidence that I need to clean and organize my /images directory. Who doesn’t? yeah […]

July 2nd, 2000 @ 10:42 am
Bart Simpson Cartoon
June 29th, 2000 @ 6:48 pm

Now! Appearing live (a few hours ago) on the MonkeyCam at Jabber:Packets!

June 18th, 2000 @ 7:26 am
Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, dad. Hope you like your new Red Sox hat. Here are my two my favorite photos of my dad: Porter Square, Boston, 1998 and At Home, 1975.