Every day should be Saturday.

August 21st, 2001 @ 12:24 pm

Remember this?

July 25th, 2001 @ 4:14 pm

I just learned that most of the photographs at Ocean State Adventures were taken by my dad! Way to go, dad!

July 13th, 2001 @ 10:02 am
head shots

Just in case you’re wondering … my passport my California driver’s license my Florida driver’s license

June 8th, 2001 @ 11:27 am
Mirror Project

I discovered The Mirror Project while visiting TheBrad. The Mirror Project is a growing collection of like minded individuals who have snapped their likenesses in a variety of reflective surfaces. Nifty idea, eh?

June 8th, 2001 @ 9:50 am
San Fran

Here’s a great photo of the view from Jason’s balcony in San Francisco.

April 18th, 2001 @ 2:14 pm

That’s me. Click on it and it pops open a little window that will refresh every minute or so. You can do that by clicking the ‘live webcam’ link on the left, too. If it looks like I haven’t moved for hours it probably just means that the camera is not recording. Or I’m really […]

March 20th, 2001 @ 9:50 am
FriezLog Blogger Trading Cards

If you still haven’t been able to catch my card at FriezLog’s Weblogémon, but you really want to see it, I’ve posted it here. I think it’s a pretty fair representation of what I’d look like if I was a Japanese animated character. <grin>

January 16th, 2001 @ 9:51 pm
Stor Entertainment

I never met a meme I didn’t like. Okay. That’s a lie. (A gimmick, if you will.) It took me a few days, but I finally visited Stor Entertainment Ltd and created myself. My me doesn’t seem very interesting to me, but maybe that’s just me.

October 13th, 2000 @ 3:17 pm
Andrea Spencer Fart Mirror
August 30th, 2000 @ 3:50 pm
Rachel Hunter

Yes. Now that you mention it. Rachel Hunter was in Tampa today. She spent the day with Sylvia visiting cancer patients. She also managed to find time to say this.

August 27th, 2000 @ 1:29 pm
In Which He Provides a Photo of His Office

Have you ever wondered what my desktop looks like? I admit, it’s not very interesting. But. There you go. Go read Lisa. She’s funny.

August 26th, 2000 @ 4:12 pm
Images Directory

I finally managed to finish organizing my images directory. You can now view the index and see what photos and graphics I have here. Woo. Hoo.

August 26th, 2000 @ 10:38 am

Just trying to organize more photos. Stacks of ‘em, I tell ya. Not enough though. I wish I had more. Here’s another bunch: At the Gagne Family Reunion in ’99, Uncle Ed, dad, and I had a blast diving from the raft floating in the middle of Uncle Richie’s lake. Here’s a shot of my […]

August 25th, 2000 @ 4:11 pm

Here’s a shot of my old office at Regeneration Technologies, Inc. The photo is about a year old. Note the Yield album cover near my monitor. Also note Snoopy!

August 23rd, 2000 @ 11:40 pm

Me Well. That’s what it’s all about, right? So here I am. These aren’t exactly the best pictures of me; but they are the ones that I like – for one reason or another. Lemme splain. I used to have a mad fascination with capturing myself on film. I had a camera in the bathroom […]

August 23rd, 2000 @ 11:59 am
David Rows

Here are five shots of me rowing. I sat two-seat for almost every race. These pictures do not do the sport justice.

August 21st, 2000 @ 2:50 pm

Well after blogging a photo of me and Jenny last week, it’s only fair for you to get to see Michelle “Mooshy” Gagne. Yes. I do have the two cutest little sisters in the world, now that you mention it.

August 20th, 2000 @ 3:32 am
Pearl Jam Concert

Michelle sent me some photos from the Pearl Jam weekend.

August 18th, 2000 @ 1:56 pm

Here’s a shot of me and my little sister Jenny. This is a house on Goddard Street in Providence, RI.

August 17th, 2000 @ 9:37 am
the view

The view from my dad’s back porch is beautiful.