Awesome. MSNBC is doing a comedy movie version of March Madness. (bracket here) You really get screwed in a couple of places — being forced to choose between incredibly funny movies very early: Animal House vs. Austin Powers, Fletch vs. Wayne’s World, Swingers vs. Best in Show, for example. When I was forced to choose between favorites, I went with the “laugh-out-loud” factor. My personal tourney finished like this:

  1. Vacation over Bull Durham
    1. Bull Durham over Airplane
    2. Bull Durham over Office Space
  2. Vacation over Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    1. Vacation over Old School
    2. Old School over Beverly Hills Cop

It was painful to try to choose between Old School and Ghostbusters! I don’t think it was fair to have a Saturday Night Live bracket and force them all to compete so early. I also can’t agree that When Harry Met Sally and Dr. Strangelove are even in the mix … Great movies, to be sure, but I don’t see how they’d make it into the top 64 comedies of all time. WHMS is more of a generic “chick-flick” than a comedy, and DS is really only funny in a non-funny way. But I guess that’s why we have brackets, right? Who’s your winner?
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  1. How could I possibly choose between Spaceballs and Princess Bride?

  2. hi! i was looking on your hemingway site because i’m doing a paper on “To Have and Have Not”, and i was wondering if it would be okay to site your essay as a source? also, what type of college degree do you have? if you could email me asap, that would be great. thanks!

  3. I never understood why people liked the princess bride. 2 thumbs down, 1 out of 10, whatever I can say that indicates I hate it I say now.

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