Sig HansonThis is the sort of thing that makes me glad I have TiVo. The Discovery Channel is starting a new series: Deadliest Catch, about Alaskan deep-sea crab fishing. The tagline is $140,000 for 5 days’ work is a job some men would die for. And some do. (I’ll ignore the dangling preposition.) How can that not spark your interest?

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  1. It’s hard to tell from your post, but it seems you are being sarcastic about the new series and crab fishing. Give it a try sometime. The show may not be as good as it gets, the job is as real as it gets. It is always the young men that start as greenhorns, the ones with no sense of mortality. Without crab fishermen, you would have no crab for your plate. Would you abandon your job for a period of time to assist one of your fellow “journalists” in need? For a period of time that may cost you thousands of dollars? I doubt it. I have since given up crabbing (I gained a sense of mortality and a bad back) and am dealing with the professional world of wastewater. I still have the utmost respect for both the ocean and the crabbing industry.

  2. No, no … I’m not being sarcastic at all. I love the show!

  3. Hi guys, I am in Canada, and have seen the preview on discoverychannel website, that show looks amazing, wonder if i could order a copy from the tv station, as i cannot get it up here

  4. Awsem Show Man

  5. Hey there. I was born/raised in Alaska and think this show is so much better than other wilderness knock-offs. However, I wondered in anybody knows of any “special edition” or unedited content related to the industry that I could find?

  6. Being in the Coast Guard and having been stationed in Alaska on Both St. Paul Island and Kodiak Island, I have to say I am very impressed with what the Discovery Channel is doing here. Recognition for these brave souls has been long overdue. Bravo Zulu to the Discovery Channel. Maybe seeing this series will give people who enjoy Alaskan Crab a new appreciation for what it takes to bring such a feast to their plates.

    And may God grant all those crabbers and fisherman that risk their lives to feed the world Fair Winds and Following Seas.

    Feel free to email me at

  7. What happend to the *green horn* college student from So Cal that was on the Northeastern? I missed an episode or two and haven’t heard anymore about him. Thanks guys.

  8. The greenhorn did a great job, and the crew of the Northwestern even gave them a 1% share of their own earnings, which came to about $3500. Not bad for a few days work, but the kid did a great job, I think! I love this show too.

  9. I don’t think the greenhorn came back for the opelio crab season. I think on all the boats they are following only one has a greenhorn. I think witht he emphesis that they put on the two from the past show they are putting it into the background this time. Obviously drama of the first day of the boats being at sea went far beyond the greenhorns and how it affected the fleet.

    I love this show and have yet to miss an episode. Its reality TV that is actually real.

  10. I absolutely have to say that this is one of the best shows on the discovery channel. I can not wait until it comes out on DVD. I have a new found respect for the men that risk their lives to put crab on the table. I do have to say though; I can’t eat crab ๐Ÿ™ allergic.

  11. I worked with Manu Lagai ………
    I will miss him

  12. My boyfriend and I watch every show, even the repeats. We watched the entire marathon. It’s a great, awesome show. The Northwestern and Sig Hanson are great. My boyfriend wants to learn how to go fishing for crab now.

  13. I agree, this program is by far one of the best shows put on by the networks. Raw and true, one can almost taste the salt spray and feel the cold. My taste for crab has always been great but now after seeing what is required to catch them, I am in awe of those brave men….and the women who wait for their return. Keep up the great work and have a safe return.

  14. Great Show! My kind of reality TV!

  15. They risk their lives for money, and everybody will do the same thing.

  16. i do have to say the one i like the most was sig hanson and his crew i have always loved watching seris on crab fishermen but this one takes the cake i’m sure since they took the derby out of it it will not air next season i will hope it does good luck to all of you and i hope i see them in the fall with a new season if not thanks to sig and his guys and the rest of the fishermen who risk there life so rich people can eat too

  17. I am a North Pacific Groundfish Observer and I find it interesting that this show is inspiring people to become crab fishermen. Unfotunately for you people it takes more than you will ever imagine to work on the Bering Sea. Trust me I know since I have found myself in the middle of the Bering in January with gale force winds and 40 foot waves. These crab fisherman have “saltwater running through their veins”. Right now I am stationed at The Trident plant in Akutan and everytime I see the Northwestern and Billikin come into port it’s like gazing my eyes upon a national monument. Props to all Alaska fishermen including those small cod boats like the Juanita H and Valorous! -JAFO

  18. I agree with Observer. This one time, in July, I was fishing on this lake and it was really windy, like 15mph and junk. Man, that sucked. Sure, I was in a canoe, but it was one bad-assed canoe, complete with livewell and “Stealth” trolling motor. Say what you will about me on land, but when that wind blasted through, I discovered I had freshwater in my veins. I remember cruising back into the dock after fishing out the pond, and having my dad look down at me, smiling. I’ll never forget his words… “Son, you sorta look like a monument. You know, like one of those historial markers or maybe even a nice flagstone.” Needless to say, we wept for hours.

    I can’t help but point out that these guys are crab fishermen. They fish for crabs. So in the end, Vegas buffets, Chinese restaurants, and Red Lobster would be the only institutions that might have a moment of silence before bringing a batch of rolls to table 23 or refilling the tea pitchers before the 7pm rush. Seriously, if crabs cured cancer, I’d gladly petition the National Historical Register, but as it stands, I’ll be content watching them suffer Mother Ocean’s bad hair days and caring more about the beer commercials between segments. Do you think for one second that these guys would still get up every morning and risk their lives if the price per pound dropped down to a nickel? Entertaining TV, definitely; Vietnam Wall material, thankfully not.

  19. This is the best show that anyone has put on the tv in years and it beats survivor far to none. I’ve watched every episode and the reruns over a couple times already and I’ll keep watching them until something new comes out to beat this, but I don’t think that will happen soon if ever.
    I have to give my simpathy to the 6 people that drowned in the shows.
    I hope they reopen the crab fishing again in the future and make more episodes.

  20. Im dismayed to see how many casualties they get. Im a british fisherman(or was) and we have apalling weather too………..but with far less deaths. I worked out that they have about 66% higher death rate than we do. This is down to a more maverick attitude and very very badly designed boats. They are overcrowed on deck, badly thought out, without good safety features and TOP HEAVY!!!. in good weather that is dangerous, but out there its lunacy. We are out of iceland, norway etc and have equally rough conditions, but suffer nothing like they do in injuries/deaths etc……..real shame……..they need to sort that out, because its not necessary to lose so many men if the job is done correctly. Good luck out there you guys! Im not scared of doing the job, but watching those guys work and the boats etc, i wouldnt do it for love or money………its not brave its careless, mercenary and down-right stupid doing things in that fashion. The job is always dangerous, but with the bad things ive mentioned, its not worth it. God bless the men lost.

  21. i am one of those fisherman. we didn’t have a camera on our boat, but we heard all about it. i worked on the big valley last season, and cap.gary was a good friend. thanx for taking interest.

  22. The deadliest job i have ever seen , fantastic show ,we in scotland have lost a lot of fisherman to the sea but the bearing strait i would hazard a guess is a bit more wild than the north sea.

  23. Hi, I’m from Scotland and I’ve an Marine education website & a photo gallery(Mostly of Scottish fishing boats), I know about the dangers these men face going to sea, Ice accretion being one of the deadliest, with their pots stacked high on the deck the vessel is Top heavy (Centre of Gravity near the Metacentre) any ice on their pots could capsize these vessels, These men have to be very experienced fishermen, constantly watching for anything moving, they have to have sealegs and be able to overcome sleep deprevation (which accounts for most accidents – human error)
    so my hat comes off to every fisherman fishing for what goes onto our plates, they risk their lives for peanuts, the fishbuyers are the ones that score (sitting at home in front of a coal fire) and getting double or more than what the fishermen get, the system stinks, God rest those lost to the Perils of the Sea


  25. i just watched the whole show for the first time on thanks g day. they showed alll showes in a row. i have got to say very entertaining. sad at times, but i would say that if i new about this job before hand i would have taken a semester off every year to do this job…… who could not use the money!!!!

  26. yep i have done some danger, danger things in my life. i would have been out there too, if i would have known about it. we only have river boats around where i live. we stay oout 30 days at a time, but we make good $$$. not like 27, 000 in 5. damn man.

  27. the show has done well here in the uk too which is a credit to the ordinary man in the street. I think they are now realising what is involved in putting fish on their plates.

    I grew up in a crzy fishing family in Ireland, started as a half share on an inshore boat during my summer holidays at 12 (seriously! had to get oilskins cut down to fit me). 4 brothers and father were all at sea in those days.

    Fishing paid my way through university and now i work in a bank…still miss the rush of a big catch though.

    Would love to give my dad a copy of this series for Christmas, he doesnt have have cable. Does anyone know where I can get a copy here in the UK?

  28. I just got back from the 2005 red king crab season on the Aleutian Ballad. I;m 18, live in Alaska and have been fishing for a few years now, but this was my first time crabbing. Since it is now rationalized we had 300 thousand pounds of quota to catch. The rest of the crew was experienced, and they considered the new system every bit as dangerous as before, considering we were out there for two months. We hired a New Orleans refugee, but he quit fast and was going to jump overboard in 40 foot seas. The Discovery fags interviewed us and said our crew was colorful, so they gave us a camera. We captured some excellent footage, including a 60 foot rogue wave that tipped the boat to port, broke the captain’s ribs, and thrashed the deck. Also I got arrested on video.
    The crab show is good enough for the general public, but it is over dramatized. I don’t think my boat will be on the discoveries for opies, but I’ll make bank.

  29. We also have this show on Discovery Channel here in Malaysia, and is a favorite, even the repeats. Are the boats designed for the heavy seas? To my un-trained eyes, it is suicidal to venture in those boats, which look top-heavy, lack guard lines on deck, and the fishermen are not even tethered while on decks in heavy weather. I can only admire and salute the bravery and fortitude of the fishermen. I hope for more of such shows from Discovery.

  30. I watched the show also on the discovery channel, right along with my boyfriend …just a few months before he got a job on the “Aleutian Ballad”. He has been commercial fishing for around 20 years, but not like this. Originally he had applied for jobs for anything in the fishing industry in Alaska because I had plans to move there and start a new life and he wanted to try to get there before me and get a job…….. not realizing he would get a call from the skipper of the Aleutian Ballad crabbing boat. Pretty soon, he was flying out of here, from our little town that we couldnt wait to leave, to anchorage, then to Kodiak Island. He left on December 17, he calls every other day to check in and tell us he loves us. Even though he is a seasoned fisherman, he is also a clutz, and everyday I worry about him, wondering if he will be swept away. Yes, it is a dangerous job, but some men, men like my man, love the excitement, they love living on the edge, they live for it, breathe for it. If they dont have it, they crave it. Danger is the way they get their excitement. Men like my man have a sense of fear, but not afraid enough at times. I am glad that the discovery channel did a segment on the work these men do, it shows people more of what is done out there and how dangerous it can be. But I also do agree that they should have or should try to develop a safer way for these men to do their job. I was thinking, “why don’t they have ropes tied around their waists or something?”. I hope someday they make it safer for them. In the meantime, I think the discovery channel should have more shows on different jobs in america like that. Thank you

  31. Could someone please write me and tell me what the rulea s are regarding canadians working onboard a vessel for the Alaskan King Crab fishery. Also i am confused about the season. Is it like only 5 or 6 days long, i think that swhat I herd on the show? How does one make over 100k in 5 days as advertised on the website? Please email me and fill me in, Thanks. my email is


  32. My Boyfreind is on the Northwestern rightnow and doing opies and watching the show has really opened my eyes to what an amazing man he is i feel so lucky to have him in my life and cant wait for our future together.xoxoxoxoxo A.S.S.

  33. We also have this show in New Zealand, its fanatstic.
    Both my parents are commercial fishermen,(Mums a skipper, Dads a Skipper/Coastal Master),but my partner has retired from fishing for a safer job, logging!
    Although he would love to give crab fishing a go.
    The Northwestern and Sig(is hot) are my favorites.

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    I am Bijay from India.I have seen your programme in TV.From that time I want to do that job. Please, tell me how can I get a job in crabs catching boat. Please help me!
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    I am Bijaya from India.From the time I had seen the programme in TV I want a job in Alaska. Please help me!
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  36. Danno,
    Manu Lagui was a wonderful person! I would love to talk to you about him and are you still out crabbing etc? Have you worked with his brother Cap as well?
    Look forward to your response or anyone who might have worked with Manu & Cap

  37. I am a Deadliest Catch junky….can’t get enough. I taped the Thanksgiving marathon and then my wife bought me the DVD set… I can watch it anytime I want to. I heard they were filming a Deadliest Catch II. Has anyone else heard this rumor? These guys are the coolest and the fierest I have ever seen. I have a new appreciation for the fish I eat!!!!

  38. I am a canadian lobster fisherman on the Atlantic Ocean and this show says it all. It is crazy how many people risk their lives day after day so that we can eat seafood. We have smaller boats ( 38-42 feet ) that fish up to 100 miles offshore in very hazardous weather, so in a way I can relate to the crew members on this show . I have never been taken overboard but have also had a lot of close calls. There are literally 1000`s of ways to die upon a boat, but if you love the sea like I and many others do, you wouldn`t trade it for the world. A truly awesome series

  39. I have a question about how many people in total have died in the job of crab fishing. By the way that is the best show on t.v.

  40. Hello everyone!! My name is Lukasz and I’m a student from Poland. I want to ask about this work ? Is this posibble to get it? And What about demends. I was thinkig about this very seriously. I’m waiting for some answers:). Thanks…

  41. Hi,

    I have been watching this series for a while and am looking to get into this work. I am a fit person, and like to be excited with the work I do. If anybody does or has done any kind of work like this please email me at I am very interested in hearing about how to get into this type of work and I am willing to move to Alaska PERMANENTLY.

  42. I saw the last episode of Deadliest Catch yesterday. (Too bad it’s over.)
    Man, are those guys tough. Navy Seals training pales in comparison. (Not that I have experience with either I’m happy to say.)

    I’ve watched the show with mixed emotions… part of me has a deep respect for the crab-fishermen but part of me thinks they must be out of their minds. But maybe that’s just my fear talking …. ’cause I just know I’D be dead in a day (and probably sooner).

    I wish strength to the families and friends of the men that died. And I wish continued skill and luck to the men that live, may God watch over you all.

  43. does anyone know where to find info on how to get into crab fishing? Contact me at

  44. I never miss a show. Addicted, some might say. Its hard to watch sometimes though. You get to know the names and faces so when the Big Valley went down, I cried. Its sad to know that now many people now don’t have fathers, sons, uncles so people can dine on crab, seems like a waste but I know thats what these men live to do, its in their blood so my hat is off to them and their families. Be safe guys!!

  45. I am very interest in learning how i can contact someone to get the information on kingcrabbing in alaska for the next run out.

  46. does anyone know where to find info on how to get into crab fishing? Contact me at

  47. Heya! We have a web site just for crabbing and fishing and have some of the guys from the show stop by and chat with us. It started as a Deadliest Catch web site but has turned into a fishing/crabbing/lobetering site. We have a great chat room and lots of info on the new series starting soon! Check us out… its

  48. go to They have info on getting into crab fishing…..among other things!!

  49. does anyone know where to find info on how to get into crab fishing? Contact me at:

  50. hey, i was wondering if neone has ne information on how to sign up to be a “greenhorn’ or to sign up to work for a crab fishing boat. i watched the “Deadliest Catch” t.v. show on Discovery and i was like thats the job for me, i thought it was the coolest thing ever. the risks they take with there lives and not making a penny is great. if i had the oppurtunity to do this i would take it in a heart beat. well if neone gets info. about this just email me at

  51. Someone asked about the death rate in crab fishing. I think on the recap last night they mentioned that approximately 100 people have died in the past 15 years, an average of 6-7 people per year.


  53. I love this show. I lost one of my best friends to crab fishing!! Manu Lagai jr. rest in peace… You were loved by all and missed even more. Love you always and forever. Nicole

  54. I find it funny how other people like to make fun of those who aspire to this dangerous field. Since I doubt you have any experience on the sea, you are not one to talk. To those of you who think this job might be something you can do, go for it. Dutch Harbor ain’t a bad place to live either. Really small and groceries are kinda expensive, but its quiet and virtually zero crime rate.

    And for those who may come along a question my credit, I am a merchant sailor and have seen the terrible blows of the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. I also skippered small vessels, serving a variety of roles.

    Motivation is the key for doing these dangerous jobs. Keeping a cool head is the key for surviving them. Keep in mind what those experienced hands on deck say and you should live through it. I’d recommend making sure you don’t get sea sick before you put out on a vessel though.

  55. Love the show!! I sit in my comfortable living room watching my big screen
    TV and wonder what it must be like to be in the middle of 40 foot seas with
    ice cold salty spray blasting you in the face let alone the grueling back
    breaking work these guys have BALLS I’ve done some hard work in my life but I don’t think anything compares to this! GOD BLESS THESE MEN AND THEIR FAMILES!!

  56. Best TV show, hands down!!

  57. I wish I was wearing a yonger mans clothing . I would sign on Sig Hansons boat for sure . He is a good skipper to work for from what I have seen on this show . I guess it takes alot to do what they do at the cost of their own peril . I watched the show that saw a whole crew except for one man loose thier lives , and how fruitles it was to explain to thier families that it would be shown to the world on the TV . I hope it was not hard for them . God save them

  58. i may be only 15 but i still watch all of the new shows. i saw the last one of the first sesion. my fav boat (or boats) are the Mavrick, Notrhwestern, and the last boat is one i cant spell because i bite at spelling but its the one with the engien probs (so what if i cant spell!). my all time fave is the mavrick becuase there is a girl on the boat (no i am not a girl!) and she is not afride of being on the boat. i pray for there safe return and never forget the Big Vally.

    never forget!
    Big Vally and also 911
    we will never forget eather of them!

  59. I am also 15 looking for any advice, job requirments, and experince that could help me easily get a job on a vessle as i plan to leave for alaska after high school.

  60. I think that some of the individuals that talk about wanting to be involved in crab fiishing should take a lesson from the Aleutian Ballad’s greenhorn. If you are going to get into this, be serious about it. Research it. Yes…some people don’t realize the risks of an adventurous job until they try it. But as we saw with the greenhorn, not only did they have to waste time and money sending him back to port, they also could have lost their lives trying to get back to their runs.

    This isn’t just an adrenaline rush or excitement for most of these crew members. This is a living. They have families that depend on how much crab they bring in and whether or not these boats return home with everyone safe. This isn’t skydiving or base jumping, this is a job that needs to be tackled with a certain amount of intelligence and responsibility. It’s not a thrill ride.

  61. The Aleution Ballad’s Green Horn probably would have died of a heart attack after the boat was tipped to port.

    Maybe he was seeing his own future…


    I love the show and have several Crabbers as friends unfortunatly that list gets smaller ever couple years I am down 3 or four…

    Its not worth it to die!

  62. I’m curious what “the kid” got arrested for.

  63. Good reading. Spike Walker wrote a book about fishing for crab during the “heydays” of the industry. The book is titled “Working on the Edge”. I worked with a guy in Denali (his name was Bill, don’t remember his last) who worked with Spike Walker and he said it was, for the most part, a true account of what it was like. For those who think women can’t do the job, read the book. You will be surprised! Many libraries probably have the book and I have seen it at Barnes and Noble. It is an easy read and has some photos. He also elaberates on many of the superstitions that exist on the boats. Enjoy

  64. Wow. I’m glad I’m not alone in absolutely loving this show! What respect I have for all of you involved in this dangerous venture. It is heart wrenching ot see lives lost.
    I am also curious of the ramifications of the Aleutian Ballad. I realize it hasn’t aired yet, but that is horrible to see & then not know if everyone is ok. If anyone knows, please tell me no lives were lost & I will wait for the next episode. :o) Sorry for the captains ribs.
    Gods speed always to all on the Berring Sea…

  65. I think that those few that think they want to go crabbing might want to go into the mountains, during a snow storm, strip naked, and see how long they can stand it. The fierce cold of the Bering Sea during winter is nothing to brave without really knowing what you are in for. The men, and women, that work so hard to bring us crab are to be commended. I do not care whether they are doing it just for the money, or for the love of the job, they still deserve our admiration and gratitude.

  66. I don’t think that anyone quite understands what that must be like. I’m sure it stinks to high heaven from the smell of fish and fish guts used as bait, you probably never take a shower from the time you leave port until you return. Your sleep deprived the physical endurance you need is phenomenal and the danger you face from freezing waters, keening ships, and 800lb pots swinging at you is not for the light weight. Yes, it sounds great, but you better go into something like this with your eyes WIDE open. That poor schmo on the Allutian Ballad put all of those guys in danger by begging to be dropped off. If they had not had to go to port to get rid of their greenhorn, its doubtful they would have hit that storm. This is one of my favorite shows and I truly admire the guts and perserverance that these guys show year after year.

  67. Did opies back in 93′. I tell ya you don’t Really want to go up there as a greenhorn. Also you don’t want to be tied to anything on deck. Green water will wash a shot of line over you….pot goes over..guess what youre tether line is caught over the pot line……bu-buy crab fishin dude. Work 20 hrs+ on with 3 hrs sleep then wake up break ice off the boat for 2 hrs then grind out another 20 hour day. Repeat.Repeat for 2 months and see if you don’t get hurt or god forbid get dead. Be real people this aint the gold rush.It’s brutal work and takes an A+++ type guy to do it for very long at all.

  68. My ex was recently on the Aleutian Ballad as a “Greenhorn” who had to go home early (turns out he was faking a knee injury). Not everyone can do a job like that, and he couldn’t cut it either. Too bad he wasn’t honest about it, but he got off the boat before the end of the season, (he got back march of this year). Does anyone know who the greenhorn was and why he had to leave the boat? And was it this year? I emailed the skippers wife on the Aleutian Ballad the whole time my ex was on the boat, and I asked her about the captain getting ribs broke, after I read what “the kid” said and she said no, he didn’t break any ribs. It is true that the boat was hit by a 40 or 60 foot wave (which happened before my ex was hired) and it had a dent on the side of it when my ex was hired in december. She didn’t know anything about the kids being arrested though. Most of the men onboard those boats are indeed there to make a living and take it seriously, and you need to be in top shape to do it. My ex was told he needed to work out, lose weight and get into more shape if he expected to come back next season, but he messed it up anyway and now won’t ever be able to go back. I have no contact with him now, but I still talk to the skippers wife every now and then, the captain and his men made it home safe. If anyone knows who the greenhorn was they had to take back, please email me..I am curious to see if it was my ex, or if it was a different season before he was hired.

  69. Every crew should be thanked for what they do. And every other group of people that put more effort in to life than 95% of the people I know, including myself.

  70. Is your husband black and from New Orleans?

  71. My boyfriend Shaun and I never miss seeing Sig and his crew along with the other Crab capitans and crews go all out to catch what some of us dream about eating. My boyfriend and I make a theme of the night by having crab legs, whether it is king crab or snow crab legs, and sit down and watch ‘The Deadliest Catch’ and enjoy the fact that what we are eating may have been caught by Sig and his crew. We also love the new camera angles that the camera crew has shown us. We are enjoying every moment of every hour that we have seen of ‘The Deadliest Catch’. Thank you Discovery Channel for the chance for all of us to see what the deadliest job is and who is willing to take that chance to recieve the experiance and the amount of money they make each season ;to do this job llthat we love to eat.

  72. my husband would like some info on landing a job as a greenhorn for Mr. Sig Hanson, can you help?

  73. avatar
    Angelica Haycook

    No jobs are available working for Sig. If you look at his website, it says Looking for a job on a fishing boat in Alaska? We’ve been overwhelmed with emails asking us if we’re hiring and can’t possibly answer all of them so we’ve put this brief note together.

    We have some straight-forward advice for you based on our years of work in Alaska. First of all, most of the crab boats fishing in the Bering Sea have steady crews, meaning these guys have been fishing on the same boat for several years. This is the case with the Northwestern – we only have room for five people and all our positions are full.

    The best way to find a fishing job in Alaska is to get yourself up to Alaska with a job at one of the fish processors. The main companies in Dutch Harbor are Icicle, Trident, Westward, Unisea, Peter Pan and Royal Aleutian Seafoods.

    If you get a job with one of these companies they usually pay for your airfare from the lower 48 to Alaska. The seafood processors provide you with room and board too. The pay is OK and you get a chance to check out Alaska and meet the boats as they come in. This way, they get to know you personally and you might have a shot at a job if a vessel needs an extra hand.

    Thanks for your interest – AND Good Luck!

    Sig, Norman and Edgar

  74. Hi
    I’m Jade from Canada and I watch the show up here in Canada. I am blind and have to listen instead of watch. I really appreciate what these brave guys do to catch the crab we all enjoy. by the way, Mike Rowe does a greate job narrating the show for those who don’t have the ability to see the action can the mental picture of whats going on. For those who think this is the right job for them better think twice about it. I know I wouldn’t last two hours!

  75. Cool stuff written here! We all love the show. I am also amazed not only with the brawn and physical stamina of the men (and women) of these boats, but of the knowledge and crystalized intelligence they obviously have with years of crabbing. Learn or don’t graduate from Crab Fishin’ Tech. The seasoned crew and captain must constantly untangle a huge net of facts to survive and earn the bucks: weather conditions and forcasts, boat engineering, physics, crew dynamics & behavior, crab dynamics & behavior; now add species migration patterns, biology, anatomy, oceanography, geography, and
    Stayin’ Alive 101……
    Here’s to the Professors of the Cold & Deep. Stay safe, y’all!

  76. Hi,

    My name is Lauren and i LOVE the Norhtwestern. I think sig is so funny and cool. Thats all i really have to say…Lol


  77. Hey If you know when or how i can meet sig hanson….please email me at ! thx


  78. In response to what Kyle says up above…no my ex was not black and from New Orleans lol. In fact we were not married at all, thank God. I got confused myself, actually, because the man from New Orleans is the one just before my ex was hired. My ex’s name is Travis and he’s very short,
    has blond hair and a goatee. He didn’t make it the rest of the way on the boat. He is a hard worker, but the knee injury was an excuse to come home early, and now he is back in this town doing what he does best…drinking, doing meth and bumming off of women, with no job. We actually split up one week after he got back from St Paul, Alaska. The rest of the men on those boats make it because they can, and because they have it in them to do so. As far as getting hired, how he got hired was by me posting his Resume on and and…if you pay for that site, then you have access to post a resume where one of the captains can look at it. That is how Travis got the job, the captain of the Aleutian Ballad, Rodney, called and asked if he could be ready to go the next day. I actually regret that I helped Travis get the job, because he caused a lot of “discomfort” among the crew and Captain after he left. Perfect example of when people do drugs all the time, they have “drama” that follows them, which is his case. Does anyone know when or if they are going to air any more boats? Travis had told me that the Discovery channel had been onboard one day I do believe, and caught them doing work on tape, but whether it is showed or not remains to be seen.

  79. I was dissapointed to read a comment earlier in 2005. Someone stated that the crabbers were foolish for risking their lives for the pay. Do you really think it’s just the pay that makes them “risk their lives?” The reason I ask is because I’m a teacher. I risk my life teaching YOUR children how to function in society. Guess what, some of those who claim to call themselves “parents” are doing a pretty awful job and that makes my job dangerous too. I’m not claiming that I have a job anything like that of the fisherman. I certainly don’t have to deal with 20 foot swells (on a good day), gale force winds, and 800 pound pots swinging around. But, I do have to deal with 1st graders with weapons, 6th graders that threaten my life, 4th graders with uncontrollable fits, and unsupportive parents. I certainly don’t teach for the money (there are some states that pay well for teachers) nor do I teach for the “three months of vacation.” Rather, I do my job for the sake that it needs to be done and I’m good at it. Not everyone is cut out for it. So, I respectfully salute all those that are fisherman. You do the job because it needs to be done, and your bank accounts are rewarded for it. Thanks.

  80. Well put! Yes, there are many other jobs people are doing that have a percentage of risk ….and some people might not come home to their families tonight. Just trying to make a living, doing what suits them for whatever reason, and trying to put food on the table. Even if that food is the Norwegian delicacy, lutefisk. Now THAT’S foolish. I read on another site that Sig Hansen, captian of the Northwestern, eats salted cod, but is not a fan of lutefisk. I salute that. I have known people who love it (in my home state of Minnesota). Anything soaked in lye is not to love. Sig is smart….he’s Norwegian, but even he has to draw the line. Hiram Johnson, a rockin’ deckhand, would not like it either, even when hypoglycemic. I’d eat a Hot Pocket anyday over lutefisk. Uff da! (Yikes!). I love seeing the guys eat good cookin’ after a hard day’s night.

  81. I’m in LOVE w/ SIG HANSON . hE IS SO SEXY… IS HE MARRIED? I try never to miss the northwestern. there all great. But sig is the BEST…

  82. Could someone explain to me what that baby on the Northwestern was crying about? You know, the one who quit after seven years of fishing because it was suddenly not worth it. They spent 33 days cod fishing and made $15,000 per person. That’s excellent money and he was complaining about how small it was! Only brilliant athletes and businessmen make that much. Heck yeah it is hard work, worse than 99% of us could stand, but where was his griping coming from? Just sounded like he was tired of it and wanted to work as a bank teller making $15,000 a year.

  83. I did not realize this show was on last year. I just ran across it a couple of weeks ago and have been recording every show ever since. I can’t get enough of it! My hats off to the fishermen who brave the Bering Sea so that we can enjoy crab. And all other fishermen who risk their lives at sea. God bless you all!

    Judging by some of the comments above, Sig Hansen is about to become a star!

  84. I think I heard on one of the shows Sig is married, though you don’t hear much about his family. His focus is the catch and safety of the crew, as it is with the other captians…so they can go home to their loved ones. I don’t know what the deal was with the guy who left, after griping. Didn’t have it in him anymore. We know now that Sig’s brother, Edgar, is a family man, with a new baby girl. I want to know where the tradition comes from….to eat a cod’s live heart to commemorate the birth. He also ate the head off a cod fish to commemorate the first catch of the season. Fisherman tradition, to bring good luck, an ancient Nordic rite? Or, Edgar just has a taste for very fresh cod fish parts.

  85. does osha operate up there in alaska…it’s amazing how a lady can figure out tethering but these old sea dogs seem to ignore it..what goes on here…and how can someone stay up and work 3 days straight without drugs?

  86. I used to fish with Hiram Johnson on the “Advantage” Out Of Kodiak. Craziest man alive bar none! Think often of the times shared working on board and learning the ropes from men Like him. Hard to believe he is still going strong. Still a bit “Crabby” The old salt! Keep the dream alive Hiram. Come down and visit me in Thailand. Tsunami Leo

  87. I fish lake superior in winter for whitefish and it is childsplay compaired to what these guys do for crab.I love the series and hope it continues.Sig Hanson and his crew are great!

  88. Deadliest Catch Season One DVDHey Everyone,
    Thanks for the incredible comments on the show. I have had the pleasure of filming on The f/v Sea Star twice, The f/v Arctic Dawn, The f/v Maverick three times, The Northwestern once, and the f/v Cornelia Marie once. I will again return to the Bering sea with my crew and shoot another season of the show. Keep watching and we will keep filming. that’s how it works guys.
    Doug Stanley
    Producer / Director of Photography “Deadliest Catch”, others

  89. Hey Doug!! Thanks for your great work! And yes, please keep ’em coming!! I’m totally hooked! Reality TV in which mother nature makes the rules and not the network!! Can’t ask for any better than that!! Thanks too for the shots of whole Hanson “family” at the end of last season. Made the guys even more personable for me.

  90. Perhaps someone can tell me what ends up happening with the Aleutian Ballad. I just finished watching an episode in which the boat is sailing in 40 foot seas returning to the fishing grounds after taking a suicidal greenhorn back to Dutch Harbor. The boat is hit by a 60 foot rogue wave. The picture is lost, then partially restored. You can hear the vioces of those in the wheelhouse but don’t know whats happening. Did the boat capsize or did the window just break? The episode then ended, not showing what happened after the wave struck. You have to love the old trick in which you leave an audience on their feet not knowing what happened next eagerly waiting to find out.

  91. hey, im on that show! i love all you guys that made it happen. Thanks doug and todd for coming with us

    joel helgevold “grey ecko sweater”

  92. So are we! We’re fishing right now! Season opened 10/15/06..

  93. @OneBlueACD , could you tell me the radio freq’s of the alaskan fishing boats, the (side band ones) they use for chat.


  94. Does anyone have a picture of Hiram Johnson in his deckhand gear? I need a reference for my halloween costume. Keep up the excellent chat and prepare for season 3!

  95. To whom it may concern.

    Im twenty one years old and really tired of living week to week. my grandparents are in there sixties and have almost nothing, and soon to retire. My mom at 42 is in the same boat. Im there only hope. If you understand my situation you will understand this is my only hope, my only chance at a good life for my family. please im asking you to send me some information, i dont care what it takes, thank you for ypur time and concideration.

    Sincearly David Spencer

  96. 18 years. That’s how long i have been a crabber in the bering sea. I tried to quit once. This gets in your blood even in the bad years when we weren’t making any money. I love the series. Those guys are my buddies. I think more than supplying the world with crab we fishermen carry on an ageless tradition. it is not for everyone. I wouldn’t want my sons to become fishermen although if they did I would be very proud of them. In the off season I race hydroplanes to relax. We are not normal people.

    Ben Laughlin. Chelan Wa.

  97. hi i’m a 22 year old lobster fisherman from nova scoita Canada, my name is justin I also go longline sword/tuna fishing in the summer, I am a hard worker and i would love to try fishing with one of the crab boats. If i can call (902)635-1554 Thanks!!

  98. I’m in England.

    The Discovery channel on Sky showed this programme for a whole day and I recorded 6hrs on my dvd recorder.

    I was hooked on the programme after 30mins and have watched all 6hrs.

    I hope all the crew and boats seen in the 2005 programmes are well.

    I am glad I found this website and it’s great to see the comments from avid viewers and from the guys who do this for a living.


  99. David…. I keep watching the TV Guide week after week after week. Have you heard if there is going to be anymore??? Like lots of folks on here, I also became totally addicted to Deadliest Catch, and have it all burned to disk, but I’d sure like to see more! Any word???

  100. Season 3 of Deadliest Catch starts April 3 and they are filming Oppie Season right now! Check out for some new footage and info.

  101. Roxy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Much much appreciated!

  102. I just found this Aleutian Ballad information. Must be giving tours now..
    The Fishing Vessel Aleutian Ballad’s Website
    —-The Fishing Vessel Aleutian Ballad will set sail in the calm protected seas of southeast Alaska. A journey that will give her passengers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Alaska’s commercial fishing from the deck of a seasoned vessel. It is the same vessel seen on the Discovery Channel’s popular Deadliest Catch program, modified for your complete safety and comfort. The experience is so real that you can touch and hold a KING CRAB in your hands. Have your picture taken with this, or one of the other fascinating creatures, as they are pulled from the rich Alaskan water! etc. etc. etc…

  103. I am a nautical engineer and have watched the first 2 seasons. I know how to stop alot of the deaths. Does anyone know how to contact Sig Hanson?

    I worked with the US military designing the so called stealth boat. I’m not some lamer fan wanting to contact the crew. I can stop the deaths.

    I know I’ll get spammed to hell and back, but if any of you know how to contact Sig Hanson……let me know so I can help.

  104. I truly enjoy this industry. I have been in brystol bay the past four years. Of course I want to be on a good boat. I have fished sockeye and want to upgrade to a more profitable business. Unfortunately fame has gotten in the way. Nonetheless I love this work, and I am really hoping to indulge. I am douibting to hear anything, but IM IN.

    Cqvqn Jurgens

  105. I grew up fishing offshore, the inland waterways, and rivers around the eastern shore of the delmarva peninsula in conditions from flat as glass to spackled ass. I take my hat off to the men and women who bring the crab to our tables and hope that all who partake in the bounty remember those who gave their all to bring it to us.
    May your pots be full and your weather fair. I will pray for the safe return of the fleet and all her crews.

  106. I am hooked on this show and Sig Hanson is my favorite captain with Phil coming in second .
    Someone on here made a comment that those men wouldn’t be doing that job if the pay wasn’t so good ,,,I don’t believe that ,,I think its the feeling they get of being alive that hooks them .
    I just had one experience on a 28 foot sail boat in a gale storm and the adrenalin rush and the feeling of being so alive hooked me on sailing .
    I think anyone who loves extreme sports or is an adrenalin junkie would love that experience .
    It lets you know what your really made of.

    Love this show watch all reruns hoping to see a new episode.

  107. Julia Gillette is a bag of **** -IN MEMORY of Manu Lagai Jr.

  108. I have a couple of questions about the show…
    How long is the Alaskin King Crab season?
    When is the King Crab season?
    When is the Opilio Crab season?
    How long is the Opilio Crab season?
    How long do the boats stay out in the Bearing Sea before unloading?
    How far apart are the pots placed?

  109. They stay out until they have caught their quota for crab. Kings are in October/November, Opies are in January. There is a quota on Opies also. The boats stay out until the holds are full, they have a problem, or the quotas are changed. The faster you catch them the more money you can make. One other thing the Northwestern family that own their boat is spelled Hansen. All the boats are great and i haven’t missed a show in all three seasons. Good Luck to Sig, Edgar, Norman, Matt, Nick and Jake (Northwestern), and the men on the Cornelia Marie (Harris family)

  110. Oops ! Sorry my bad, its Hansen not Hanson .

  111. I am in Moscow,Russia and hooked up to the ears since season 1. I wrote couple of letters to skippers and crews and even got some response !
    Amazing, true people.

    Greets to Sig, Blake, Eric (Rollo), surely Hillstrand’s, and all crews !!!!

    Also, i would like to support question about SSB freq’s used. I have quite an antennae rig and i can hear most naval traffic from all over, while being in Moscow area. Cheers

  112. Isn’t this season starting out great?

  113. My boyfriend is a commercial fisherman out of Dutch Harbor and of coarse this is our favorite show… Although I have not met Manu Lagai I have heard a lot about him as my boyfriend, Lakai Laititi attributes the start of his fishing career to him. We were watching Deadliest Catch as usual and talking about what we were going to name our son who is due July 4th of this year when the episode came on where they talked about Manu going over. Lakai couldn’t watch and left the room, but we were both glad that we had seen that episode when we did because it helped us in our decision to name our son Manu. I hope our son grows up to be half the man his father respected so much.

  114. I have been watching your show and it is very good, and I enjoy playing video games but I was just wondering if you could ever make a video game of Deadliest Catch.

  115. I changed my mind about who my favorites are !
    The North Western is of course still my favorite but I decided that Phil on the Cornelia Marie is not because anyone who tells a story about how he dropped a lit cigarette on his son’s arm to see who would flinch first when he was only a young boy and seems proud of it ,,gets worst father of the year in my book.
    He takes being macho too far!
    He says he has high blood pressure ,,well if he learned to chill out and stop all his yelling he might be able to lower his blood pressure some.

    I like the Time Bandit and the Far Western also .
    I liked watching the Maverick too until Blake took over and started acting so arrogant .
    Truly I love watching them all but some are a bit more interesting to watch than others .
    Loved the Time Bandits captain Johnathan’s dance after he pulled in pots with over 100 crabs in them lol.

  116. My husbend wants to be a crab fisheremen and asked me to find out how to apply i know that sounds funny but can someone please give some info on how to take that first step to try to get his foot in the door Please!!!!!!!! Thank you so much

  117. hey im a 12 year-old girl and i love the maverick because the captain is hot and i want to be a captain of a crab boat one day

  118. im a 12-year old girl that is girly but i want to be a crab boat captain one day

  119. I luv this show soo much.. can anyone tell me where i can find good pics of jake harrison hes such a hottie!! and pics of the Cornelia Marie crew?????? If so Email me the site at

  120. A whilw back someone had asked what had happened to the Aleutian Ballad. Well she has been down in Charlston,Or being refitted to enjoy her new life. It has taken 7 long months but she is absouluty beautiful. And on her way to Ketchikan, Ak to run 4 hour tours from Ketchikan, Ak to Annette Island. There she will show people what it is like to pull a crab pot up, or a octopus pot, or a halibut come threw the longline shoot. So as they can see it first hand them selves. And that they might get a small taste of what all of us that have worked on the ocean for so long love.
    Thanks so much for having our site on yours!

  121. can i get the opportunity to be a fisherman i realy need the money im 22 strong guy with the ability to do heavy work , if some one read this please email me at or call me at this number 347- 275- 4474 ask for frank please i need the money,im also alvaliable anyday..

  122. That show is just so addicting! I’ve always been fascinated with ships and the ocean. These guys are really courageous for what they do. My favorite is the “Time Bandit” and always has been. I was really shocked and saddened about the Big Valley and her crew. Be safe guys–I pray for your safety, calm seas and great fishing!

  123. hi there.. i really would like to get this job.. if someone knows about the procedure to reclute on let me know please, some mail to contact…
    I born to be there in the sea.. deadliest catch… make good money and xtreme activity..
    thank you there..

  124. A new fan of the show, But just one show got me hooked.
    Love Sig Hansen, and Johnathen of the Time Bandit.these guys make the show fun to watch.And I look forward to Sig pranking Phil of the Cornila Marie again.
    After all its Sigs turn.

  125. People, season is about to start, and we still do not know the sideband shortwave freqs to monitor =)
    I know you skippers chinwag over Maritime VHF, but i am sure you utilise some HF band channels ?! (4mhz, 6mhz, 8mhz, 13mhz ?)

    Thanx and good luck !!!!!!

  126. hey this is one of my best t.v programs you guys are brave.

  127. justwant to know if i could be on a waiting list to sign up for a trip with any of you guys and contribute to the cause i have been on the water all my life and think this is a tough gig but am up for the task i am 36 years old love working and just want to know how if possible can i sign up i would like a chance doing with any of you guys love it and want to live it you know what i am talking about my phone is 1410 206 8669 call please cant wait

  128. I really love this show and i would like to try to be a fishermen on the bearing sea. l would listen and do everthing you ask i love being on the water and i love fishing. i am very good at staying up 24/7 because i also stay up and i would on the boat i am 17 and next year i will be 18 so if you could john from time bandit or phil from carinal marian or sig from northwester call me and tell me if i can try fishing.

  129. this is nic agian if you would any crab boats out there if you need someone email me if you need a fishermen/deckhand and i can also cook

  130. I really love this show and i would like to try to be a fishermen on the bearing sea. l would listen and do everthing you ask i love being on the water and i love fishing. i am very good at staying up 24/7 because i also stay up and i would on the boat i am 17 and next year i will be 18 so if you could john from time bandit or phil from carinal marian or sig from northwester call me and tell me if i can try fishing.this is nic agian if you would any crab boats out there if you need someone email me if you need a fishermen/deckhand and i can also cook so email me at

  131. I’m probably the only and biggest fan of Deadliest Catch in the whole of South Africa. Its an amazing show… Well Done Discovery and all crews…
    If anyone has any information for me on how i could sign up to train to become one of the fisherman, please do contact me.

  132. Does anyone know when the next series will begin ?

  133. Hi, I live in sebring FL, Ive been watching the sow since it came on, and have been inspired ever since. I would love the oppurtunity to to start as a greenhorn and work my way up. I realize the dangers involved. But it’s definately a risk I’m not afraid to take. Not only for the high pay but for the adventure as well. Could someone Please e-mail me with the right direction to this oppurtunity. I know I could be an asset to the crew. I’m a quick learner and never have been afraid of hard work. The harder the better! I hope to hear from someone soon. Thankyou.

  134. Hi peoples im from Dublin Ireland and we are already into the fourth prog in the new series, the toughest so far, also to Phil from the Cornillia Marie get well soon Dude you should have gone to the hospital before you did but i understand the pressure you must have been under not only for yourself but to your crew but hey you went and my thoughts are with you and your family (GET WELL SOON SO WE CAN ALL SEE YOU WHERE YOU PREFER TO BE ,ON THE WHEELHOUSE OF THE CORNILLIA MARIE)… To all the other crews out in what i consider to be HELL to keep crab on peoples plates ..Stay safe and SIG i saw you fall asleep and drive past one of your pots LOL… All i can say to all that eat crab and dont know how hard it is to get for your pleasure ,think about the guys who fish for it and pray they all return safetly… Best Regards Steve

  135. Sorry people i forgot to metion the film crews who also risk their lives to bring us the best prog on tv..Stay safe and keep the film rolling,YOUR DOING A GREAT JOB , Hats off to you..Regards Steve

  136. Me and my 4 year old daughter love the show. Her fav captin is cap Sig . I have bought all the seasons on dvd and watch them with her all the time

  137. I am tying to get in contact with sig hanson because
    i am interested in comeing out this season
    if he can e-mail me that would be great.
    I have worked on gillnet boats before but i know i
    will still be a green horn..THANKS DANIEL LUTZ

  138. I am very interested in comeing out this season. I would like to get in contact with Sig Hanson. If he could email me or even call me 916-897-3285 it would be really great. I know alot about fishing and boats.

    Thank You So Much

    Charles Jones

  139. i would love to come and join the best fishing squad in the world. i am a cool guy played football and love to stay buzy . or you can say that i am a guy that does not mind working. if you are interested in me aswell as im interested in the job contact me at my e-mail address at

    i really hope to see you next season

  140. This is what I have been waiting for, a chance to test my physical endurance out on the bearing sea. Im 23 yrs old, currently an electrician, but very passionate about getting on that boat and catching some good crab. Please, all I need is an opportunity. I am in great shape and healthy as healthy can get. Please, if theres anything else i can do to better this opportunity, I am willing to do anything for a spot on the boat. please contact me. You wont be disappointed.

  141. rest in love uncle manu..we still miss nd love u..

  142. To: Michelle Seuga
    My husband knew Manu very well and we named our son after him. I never met him, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about him. I can only hope that my son can be 1/2 the man that Manu Lagai was. I would Love to hear more about him from anyone that knew him. It’s a dangerous job and seems to take the best of men. My husband is a commercial fisherman, (Manu helped him get started) and I worry about him every day. It’s definitely not a job for the weak or someone that lacks a strong work ethic. To all the commercial fisherman with us and above, our hearts are with you and our prayers go out to you.

    Stephanie, Alina and Manu Laititi

  143. how do you sign up to be on a boat

  144. I have similar experience, used to work on Lobster boats and was wondering also how you sign up to work with one of the crews on Deadliest Catch. Thank You

  145. Hi my name is Nathan and i watch your show a lot and i was wondering if you had and any openings on your show or knew of any other crews had any. I also was wondering what the time frame you guys were out there for and how many days your home. Also i would like to know what the pay would be for one crew member on a good trip and what it would be on a not so good trip. So if you could contact me back i would really like to hear from you

  146. I watch Deadliest Catch every chance I get. You guys have balls of steel. My hat is off to anyone that can take a season on the Bering Sea. All you guys are bad ass !!!! I look forward to many more years of watching you guys make it look simple. I could only be so lucky to shake the hand of any of these Captains and or their crews. God Bless you all !!!! Thanks for allowing us to get to know you all.

  147. hey hows it going captains heres my number in case you guys have any job available give me a call as soon as possible 1909 438 6273

  148. Yeah, not sure you exactly know what your talking about dude.
    Especially when you said this “The tagline is $140,000 for 5 daysรขโ‚ฌโ„ข work is a job some men would die for.”

    It’s longer than just 5 days son. It’s a few weeks long.. each trip.

    So before you go talking about something.. thinking you know everything about it.. maybe you should do some research first.

    I personally am a crab fisherman.. my whole family has been in the crab business.. and trust me. It’s longer than 5 days.

    One last thing.. you think you can handle the sea’s up here.. you might want to rethink that because seeing it done on television doesn’t do it justice. You need to visit us up here.. and check it out in real life before you go talking about wanting to be a crab fisherman.

    Just thought I would try and give you a little taste of reality.

    Cya mates!

  149. Please note that I was not saying that the rate is $140,000 for five days. That was a quote used in the original marketing campaign for the television series. It was in advertisements in magazines and on television commercials.
    Also note that I never implied that I could, “handle the seas,” up there or anywhere else. I posted a news item about the television show years ago when it first aired and the dozens of comments on this website were made by visitors here (just like you) and not by me.
    I need no taste of reality. I know exactly what reality tastes like.

  150. My 2 cents……..
    it looks like fun, but its not. I have 455 sea days in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. Even when you’re jogging to a new location and have a free day, living on a 130′ boat that has seatbelts on your rack (bed) is no day off. I went on a date with a woman a year after I stopped working there and heard her say…”do you realize, the entire time we were on this date, you sat there holding your plate and drink to the table?” lol in reference to the habit of needing to hold everything at the dinner table to keep it from sliding off lol. Even making a meal is a major chore at sea. If you don’t believe me, ask the guy in my video on youtube being rescued at sea by a Coast Guard helo after being smushed by an 800 lb crabpot. Its a lot of money, and the bragging rights are super, but when we are in the #^%$, its not for just an hour ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. rest in peace uncle Manu Lagai you are missed by manys nd never forgottan bt heart! love you uncle!

  152. Hey my name is Brandon and I was wondering how would I sign up for fishing on one of the boats ? I am a huge fan of the show and I really wanna be part of the team. Please let me know , i would greatly appreciate it thanks.

  153. avatar
    Brandon moschioni

    I want to be on the cornielmarie as a green horn so bad call me 1-269-861-5474 I’ll be the best

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