Notes on a run

OrangeI am uncharacteristically excited about the fact that oranges and grapefruit are suddenly inexpensive and plentiful at the grocery store. I have always liked oranges, of course, but lately I have been having two and three oranges every day for a week now. I can’t get enough of them. They’re delicious, especially after going on a long run.

I remember my maternal grandfather being obsessed with oranges. He’d do the thing Marlon Brando did in The Godfather all the time to make me laugh. I’m sure he was infatuated with them because he lived so much of his life in New England, so when he and my grandmother moved to Florida being able to have citrus all year long must have been a thrill for him.

There’s a Sesame Street News reporter named Jane Tuesday who encourages kids to, “Eat your colors today!” She does this by explaining that an orange is orange (or something like that). My toddler thinks this is wonderful and is now constantly grabbing oranges from the kitchen table and yelling at me, “Eat your colors, daddie!” It’s a happy incentive.

Here are the songs I played while running:

  • Bad ThingsEverett, Jace
    This is the theme song from the HBO series True Blood.
  • Lose YourselfEminem
  • Sam’s TownKillers, The
  • She’s My BabyTraveling Wilburys
  • C’mon C’monVon Bondies, The
  • Homecoming / The Death Of St. Jimmy / East 12th St. / Nobody Likes You / Rock And Roll Girlfriend / We’re Coming Home AgainGreen Day
  • She Came in Through the Bathroom WindowBeatles, The
  • The Last SongFoo Fighters
  • Wonderful Night (featuring Lateef)Fatboy Slim
  • Life in Technicolor iiColdplay
  • Long Hard Times to Come (featuring T.O.N.E-Z)Gangstagrass
    This is the theme song to the FX series Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant. If you’re not watching it, you’re wasting your life.
    The title of this post is a line from this song. It’s sort of a rallying cry on Twitter. People all over the world [Mostly only SEC college football blog writers. — ed.] tweet this when the show begins on Tuesday evenings.
  • Monkey WrenchFoo Fighters
  • Oh MyGin Wigmore
    Gin Wigmore is the band playing in that Heineken commercial for the James Bond movie where they’re running through the train.
  • Subterranean Homesick BluesDylan, Bob
  • PressureJoel, Billy

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