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Adventures with Microsoft Support

Adventures with Microsoft Support

In which Microsoft has me running around in circles

Microsoft Money and a Mac

Microsoft Money and a Mac

In which I go on a long and detailed rant about the preposterous lack of adequate personal financial management software for the Mac

Vista Roadblock

Washington — At least two federal government agencies are refusing to upgrade their computers with Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Vista operating system, citing concern over costs and compatibility issues. In a Jan. 19 memo to staff, Dan Mintz, the Transportation Department’s chief information officer, imposed an “indefinite moratorium” on upgrading desktop and laptop computers with the

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Reason #4,213 Why People Get Frustrated with Microsoft:

Configure IIS to Parse CGI Files

Here’s what you want to do: You want your Windows 2000 web server to always execute files with a *.cgi extension. You want your Windows 2000 web server to parse the ASP code that you’ve embedded in files that end in *.htm, *.shtml, *.css. You want your Windows 2000 web server to know that it



In which I have a problem with SMTP

Microsoft News

It appears that all Microsoft users are doomed. I’ve seen this coming for some time now and I’m not surprised in the least. I’m glad I’ve been learning Palm OS programming on the side. I hate that damn one-button Mac mouse, though. I’ll never get comfortable with it. Let’s just allow MS to do whatever

Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 3

Sometimes I think they are just trying to confuse people. Could they have possibly made the Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 3 Download instructions any more confusing? Actually it’s only step 4 that bugs me.


I hope people who read my resume don’t think of this when they see that I’ve done a tremendous amount of work implementing bar codes, scanners, and keyless data entry systems. I am seriously getting sick of Microsoft jerking me around about my browser. I guess I’m the only farking fool in the world who

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