Sugar, we're going down swinging.

Nike Gator Free Trainer 5.0

Earlier this month I read about the release of a new Gator-themed Nike sneaker on the Alligator Army website. (Follow them on Twitter @AlligatorArmy.) I jokingly tweeted a link to the story and wrote something about wanting someone to buy me a pair. Last week a pair appeared on my doorstep, direct from Nike HQ […]

The University of Florida Alumni Association challenged the University of Georgia Alumni Association in an epic Twitter *.gif battle using House of Cards and West Wing references.

Gators-Volunteers Rivalry Took on New Meaning with Arrival of a Certain ‘Ball Coach’

Friday Five: Gator Rivals

AlbertThe five teams I consider Florida’s biggest rivals, in order:

  1. University of Georgia
  2. Florida State University
  3. University of Tennessee
  4. University of Alabama
  5. Louisiana State University

The Book of Tebow

Incredible Iron Bowl

In FBS history, a missed field goal has only been returned for a touchdown four times. There [had] never been a walk-off field goal return — scoring the winning touchdown on the last play, much less the last play of the biggest game of the year, between teams ranked No. 1 and No. 4, with […]

He decided to do one of those very nice things you sort of hope someone will do when you cover a story about a legless vet missing out on thousands of dollars because he was looking after his octogenarian nana.

Friday Five: Top College Football Twitter Accounts

TwitterHere are my favorite Twitter accounts to follow for news about college football:


It Ought to Be Easier

It’s really hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that Tim might not make it in the NFL. It seems absurd to me. When my alarm rang at six this morning, there was a text waiting for me that read, “Heard Tebow was cut from NPR before ESPN.” My first thought was […]

2012 – 2013 iCal College Bowl Schedule

Update: Visit to subscribe to the latest college football bowl schedule! Between December 15th and January 7th there are 35 bowl games. That’s way too many to try to manage in your day planner on your own. You want to have all those games in your personal calendar, don’t you? That way you can […]

Gator Helvetica T-Shirts

I’m sure you’ve seen the Helvetica t-shirts. The classic one displays “John & Paul & Ringo & George”. (The creators of that shirt have a pretty good website detailing its history.) Someone needs to make some of these for classic Gator combinations. Here are my suggestions: I know, I know. I forgot to include Percy […]

Football Feeds

If you’re a football fan with a feed reader, you should be following the following: General Smart Football (rss) Every Day Should Be Saturday (rss) Friends of the Program (rss) Heisman Pundit (rss) ProFootballTalk (rss) Gators TimTeblog (rss) Swamp Things (rss) SB Nation (rss) The Bull Gator (rss) Dooley’s Desk (rss) Gator News (rss) […]

BCS Citi National Championship Game Preview

Two great snippets from the EDSBS preview of tonight’s game: Weather: Perfect and Valhalla-ish, because it is California, the place that would be perfect if everyone else hadn’t already figured out the same thing and moved there before you did. 68 degrees and clear at the kick as the sun sinks in pink-red glory behind […]

2010 Sugar Bowl Notes

Most Total Yards – BCS Bowl Games Tim Tebow 533 2010 Sugar Bowl Vince Young 467 2006 Rose Bowl Mark Sanchez 429 2009 Rose Bowl Rohan Davey 427 2002 Sugar Bowl No. 5 Florida humiliated No. 4 Cincinnati 51-24 in a fitting end to the unparalleled career of these Florida seniors. Total domination would be […]

The Five Worst Losses in Gator Football History

Losing sucks. I was raised to worship the Red Sox and the Patriots and, although this century has been damn good to both of them, losing was my way of life until I got to college. The Red Sox — a lot of kids today might not realize — were the team that was always […]

Florida State @ Florida Post-Game Notes

Tebow Says Farewell With a Flourish New York Times Tebow Leaves Swamp on a High Note The Game of the Decade is Set Team Speed Kills Tim Tebow Swamp Finale: Near-Perfect TimTeblog Seminoles don’t put up much of a fight Urban Meyer remains the Most Important Gator St. Petersburg Times What a senior […]

Generosity of Spirit Separates Tebow

Reprinted from GAINESVILLE, Fla. — As the most impactful player in college football history made his way around the edge of Florida Field for the last time, the poignancy of the moment was etched on thousands of faces.

Florida State @ Florida

Tomorrow afternoon we will see the last game in The Swamp for Tim Tebow. I can’t imagine what the energy is going to be like in that stadium. That the game is against Florida State makes it even more tremendous. At this point I don’t think I can tell you how many times I’ve seen […]

2009 – 2010 iCal College Bowl Schedule

Update: Visit to subscribe to the latest college football bowl schedule! Yes! This calendar is up-to-date! It now includes all the bowl games, dates and times, teams, locations, and television networks. The teams for the SEC Championship Game have been determined. And it’s really never too early to start thinking about bowl season. (We […]

On Football

As I get older I find it increasingly difficult to explain my love of football. You’d think that the opposite would be true, that I would find it easier to tell people how wonderful it is as I understand the game more. But that is simply not the case. I follow Stewart Mandel on Twitter […]