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heynowhere’snews: I finally joined the webloggers webring @ Now all I have to do is sit back, take it easy, and watch as the world continues to glide through space. Is this planet great or what? igottatellya: It’s like one of my top two favorite planets in the solar system.


I hate driving home from work in the dark. It means I spent way too much time at work.


This is really sick. It’s almost 8 on a Friday night and I’m sitting in my office redesigning my web site. How pathetic is that?

I wonder if I work for the only company on the planet that is using a thumb tack to hold an HP Jet Direct port onto the wall behind the IT printer.


I am so tired! Sometimes I am totally amazed at how quickly the day zips by me … It seems like I just woke up late for work and now I’m already late for bed (again). I meant to update a bunch of stuff here – most notably the news from India – but I

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

On being aware of things

Wow! My first experience with looks like it was a good one. I’ll be flying from JAX at 1140 EST on 2000.04.13 and landing at LAX at 1545 PST. The other way is leaving LAX at 1152 PST on 2000.04.17 and landing in JAX at 1605 EST, with a one-hour layover in Dallas.

I told to find me a ticket to LAX for 2000.04.15 weekend. And I don’t wanna pay more than $300! We’ll see if it finds anything … I’ll keep you el postado …

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. Remember the Joan Jett song, “I Love Rock n’ Roll”? Am I the only one that ever noticed that “I love rock n’ roll” has the same number of syllables as “serendipity”?

Speaking of serendipity… Firda has a link to Ouch! who has a link to me. I had never been to Ouch! until I clicked on a link at weblog wannabe, so it’s pretty flattering.



And there you have it folks. Another week is finished. Time for bed and a good night’s sleep. The Gators won. Tomorrow we go a-house-hunting. Is it just me or is blogger taking forever to load lately?

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