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My mom loved “Do not go gentle into that good night”, and I have thought about that poem quite a bit since she died. Last week I stood in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey and explained who Dylan Thomas was to my son. When Taylor Swift released ttpd a few days later, I heard the title track and almost couldn’t believe the serendipity.


How’s this for serendiptious alliteration? Last night after seeing a television commercial for Cingular cellular I said: I would switch to Cingular but Sarah said their service sucks.

Crazy Planet

So. I’m driving home from Four Green Fields tonight and I stop to grab some donuts and beer. After 11 pm everything in Tampa closes, even on the weekends, so I have to go to the Shell down on Gandy and Dale Mabry. Guy I know there is behind the counter as usual and I

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. Remember the Joan Jett song, “I Love Rock n’ Roll”? Am I the only one that ever noticed that “I love rock n’ roll” has the same number of syllables as “serendipity”?

Speaking of serendipity… Firda has a link to Ouch! who has a link to me. I had never been to Ouch! until I clicked on a link at weblog wannabe, so it’s pretty flattering.


There was recently a tale in [GatorNotes] in which I tried to explain the concept of serendipity and I probably did a poor job of it. I am thinking that if I ever own something that I want to name – maybe a large plantation or a sailboat – I will name it serendipity. I

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