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A disclaimer from the UPS web site: NOTICE: UPS authorizes you to use UPS tracking systems solely to track shipments tendered by or for you to UPS for delivery and for no other purpose. Any other use of UPS tracking systems and information is strictly prohibited. Here’s my question: What other purpose could you possibly


from Jorge, via ICQ:No, silly … everyone knows that there are two very distinct species of Mr. Potato Heads … the non-poisonous, non-toxic Potatus Headus Nonperilus and the fatally poisonous, very exotic Potatus Headus If-it-catches-you-it-will-poisoin-you-badus …

Potato Beings

The potato beings are still trying to communicate. After a lunch that suspiciously included potato chips (even though I swore last night that I would keep today potato-free), Jason sent me a link about a ‘potato-shaped’ asteroid …


As soon as I get home I log on. My life will be much easier when all this stuff is just beamed into my head. But I do all this for you, my four visitors each week. Because I would be so sad if you visited and then got bored. (insert loud trumpets here) Isn’t

Long Day

This has been a long day … it’s time to go home …


Remember when you were in elementary school and if you had a headache you could go to the nurse’s office and sleep for a few hours? How cool was that? Why don’t we have a nurse’s office here? That would be excellent.


This will be a day long-remembered in the annals of splitting headache history. Oh, turncoat brain! Cease your relentless pounding and let me work! got acetaminophen?

I am also reminded that there is a reason why I don’t like reading run-on sentences. Why do I continue to write them? Control… I must learn control.


There was recently a tale in [GatorNotes] in which I tried to explain the concept of serendipity and I probably did a poor job of it. I am thinking that if I ever own something that I want to name – maybe a large plantation or a sailboat – I will name it serendipity. I

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