In which I discover a mysterious problem

For some reason I cannot FTP or SMTP to from my office. I know you’re asking, “David, what does that mean?” It means I can’t upload anything to my site from work (no new songs!), I can’t send eMail through my account from work, and I can’t modify any of the files at from work.

I think, for some reason, my company is blocking ports 21 and 25 from my desktop. It doesn’t really make much sense, from a security point of view. I can kinda understand why they would kill my FTP access, but why stop me from sending SMTP but not from receiving POP? Are they worried that I’m going to send a virus from work, but not that I might receive one here? Who knows?

Yesterday I thought the problem might be with Dreamhost, but they told me that there is nothing wrong with my eMail or FTP. Then I realized that I could still FTP through Blogger and greyMatter, and that I can eMail and FTP from home. So the culprit must be something done by the administrators of my office network connection in Kentucky.

You don’t even care, do you?

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  1. Of course I care. We all care, you know that. We’ll stand by you and support you through this trying time.

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