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Why do elephants wear small green hats?

Today marks my 2500th day of blogging. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with two lovely collections of elephant jokes. I love elephant jokes. And while you’re enjoying these elephant jokes, why not make a donation to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee? What a fine thing to do on a Wednesday

CRAM MagazineQuite nifty! My mini-tutorial — Five Tips for Smarter Playlists — has been published in the second issue of the online pdf magazine CRAM. A few weeks ago I received an email from one of their editors requesting permission to republish the essay. I had actually forgotten all about it. Then this morning someone at CRAM sent me an email announcing that the latest issue has been published. My article begins on page six. How cool is that?

Levenger Gotham Pen Refill

About a decade ago I bought a Gotham model pen from Levenger. It is by far my favorite pen. This weekend I found it in the cigar box I use to hold all my “best” pens and was quite disappointed to discover that its ink had run dry. Levenger no longer makes this fabulous pen

Generic Computer Peripherals

While shopping at Best Buy you may notice a somewhat newish brand of computer products going by the name Dynex. At first I wasn’t sure if I could trust these things; they’re usually exactly the same as the name brand stuff but 50% less expensive. I’m always wary of getting something that seems like such

What happens here …

“What happens here, happens in the rest of the country a decade later.” We’re talking about Los Angeles, folks. This excellent quote is from a stupendous essay on why there will never be an NFL team in LA. It only took me a few months to realize that this place wasn’t going to be able

A Better Browser

A Better Browser

Well I finally did it. I’ve been playing with it for a few weeks and I decided to make the switch. I’ve instructed my laptop to use FireFox as my default browser. It is just a damn hell ass better browser than Internet Explorer. I like the tabs. (No, I love the tabs.) I like

Office Supply Movies

Now this is just plain nifty marketing. From a post at comes twenty movie scenes recreated using only office stationery It’s a game and you have to guess each one. I nabbed fifteen of them and am kicking myself for not getting four of the five I missed. Give it a go and let

BCS Championship Game Video

BCS Championship Game Video

How cool is the World Wide Web™? Within 24 hours of the game I was able to use μtorrent to download the entire 2006 BCS Championship Game and watch it using the latest DivX player. The 2.2GB file took about 20 hours to download, but it’s worth it. I’m considering using the office projector to

Akismet and Comment Spam

Akismet and Comment Spam

In which I recommend a good WordPress plugin

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