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Casino Royale with Cheese

A week or two ago I linked to a video clip my friend made: Casino Royale with Cheese, a seriously funny film about how James Bond would handle being paired with a really annoying partner. It’s a great little piece of web satire that’s now been nominated at the MTV Movie Awards! Go vote for

Chris O’Brien

Does anyone have any idea where Chris O’Brien is? The last address I have for him in New Zealand — on Clifford Street — is apparently no longer valid. His Christmas / birthday / New Year’s card was returned however-many thousand miles back to me as “Return to Sender — Not at This Address”.

Gretchen Langston

My friend Bob has started a blog called absorbed dose over at His wife — inconceivably — is “with child”, and the baby is allegedly his. Bob is also apparently in Munich right now, which would explain why he hasn’t been responding to post cards. 2024-01-15: Dead links in this post have been removed

With five games involving Top 25 teams Saturday, there was much shuffling in the rankings. The most significant moves were Iowa State cracking the top 10 for the first time at No. 9, and Florida (4-3) dropping out after a run of 209 consecutive polls.

The Gators, 36-7 losers to LSU, had taken over the longest-running poll streak from Nebraska, which fell out three weeks ago after a record run of 348 in a row.

Friday Night

By far the most exciting part of Friday night was when a woman’s head burst into flames. It was 80s night at The Burbank Bar & Grill and the poor girl experienced the unfortunate combination of incredibly too much hair spray and close proximity to a candle on the bar. My friend and I were


I have met this blogger in person. Do you know the SprintPCS commercials with the guy in the trench coat? “Talking over the static.” That guy? I don’t wanna freak you out or anything, but check it: same guy. I’m not kidding. Billy is the SprintPCS guy.


I finally managed to finish all my Christmas cards last night. It figures that I would run out of stamps with three left – mom, dad, and Nana Rainy’s. People should start getting my Christmas cards around the first week of January, so that’s always pleasant. And of course I haven’t mailed any gifts yet.



Hmmm … My buddy Bob just called me on his cell phone from Sarejevo, Bosnia. He’s over there – I’m not kidding! – brokering an arms deal with Kuwait for his company, which sells various types of ammunitions. Bob says he has an extra ticket to the Florida – Tennessee game in Gainesville on Saturday

Saw Marks

I have yet to mention that Chris has asked me to proofread his thesis. I’m a Supervisor. Not just a regular visor, mind you. A Supervisor. So that’s pretty cool. David V. Gagne, Supervisor What, exactly, does this mean? It means I am reading Evaluation of Saw Marks From Postmortem Dismemberment: A research project submitted

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