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It rained in Los Angeles today. Rain? <Princess Bride>Inconceivable!</Princess Bride> An inch of rain in Los Angeles will cause flooding. I grew up in Daytona Beach and spent the 90s in Gainesville, Fl. Rain was not unusual. In Daytona it rained like clockwork from 3 to 4 pm pretty much every day for eight or

Rain in LA

People in LA really freak out when it rains. I haven’t seen any real rain here yet, although it’s drizzled once or twice. A few nights ago we got <sarcasm>almost one half-inch</sarcasm> of rain and you would’ve thought it was the Great Flood. There were over 400 auto accidents on one stretch of the 405

It’s times like this… when I’m sitting here and the world outside goes from bright and sunny to dark as night in an instant… when a terrible torrential Tampa tunderstorm erupts out of nowhere… when the lightning smacks so close that the sound and the fury are simultaneous… when I can actually see the raw power of Mother Nature… it’s times like this that I think I should buy a back-up power supply for Bud.

Insert torrential downpour here.

A Hard Rain

I guess I really should say something about the fact that last night it rained the most and the hardest and the craziest and the lightningest that is has here in at least two years. It was an amazing downpour. It was biblical. Did I mention that the block of condos behind mine – like

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