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Daily David

Breaking News: The Wisconsin Tourism Federation (WTF) decided to change its name to the Tourism Federation of Wisconsin. Gisele who? So you think you can jump rope? Maxim’s list of 100 Twitter Accounts Every Guy Should Follow isn’t completely terrible. From the “I Could Have Told You That Department”: Flirting is good for your health. […]


Former Notre Dame head coach and current ESPN college football analyst Bob Davie was a guest on Mike & Mike in the Morning today talking about the Kentucky game. It was the first time I heard any talking head discussing the absurd ‘should Tebow have been benched prior to the injury’ debate who had actually […]

Friday Five: Favorite Theme Parks
  1. E.P.C.O.T.
  2. Walt Disney World
  3. Disney’s MGM Studios
  4. Universal Studios – Hollywood
  5. Disneyland
AIG Has $182 Billion of Your Money

Robert Benmosche, new CEO of AIG — which continues to hold $182 billion of the taxpayers’ money, and seems in no hurry to return any — will be paid about $7 million per year. That means typical people, who earn a median $50,000 a year, are being taxed so yet another plutocrat can own an […]

Tennessee @ Florida Post-Game

The Gators found themselves in a typical, physical SEC battle against a well-prepared Tennessee team. Meyer said all week he thought the game would be a “fourth-quarter dogfight.” Florida fans wanted blood. They got sweat. And nearly tears. If the Vols (1-2, 0-1 SEC) had a serviceable quarterback, they might have defeated the most-hyped team […]

Friday Five: Favorite Hemingway Novels

To Have and Have Not For Whom the Bell Tolls The Old Man and the Sea The Sun Also Rises Across the River and Into the Trees

The Killers at the Hollywood Bowl (with Set List)

Last night I went to see The Killers at the Hollywood Bowl. My father-in-law got us amazing seats, right in the center on the lower level. I had to go to dinner with a client at work, so I missed the opening act, The Psychedelic Furs. But, just like when I saw Green Day a […]


Update: Want to know more about the Florida / Tennessee rivalry? Read Hate Week, by EDSBS If you’re a college football fan you really should take a look at this sweet list of iPhone apps for the pigskin crowd. On Saturday in the Swamp, Tim Tebow has a chance to join UF’s Danny Wuerffel and […]

Daily David

You must watch Mad Men: Boston. And it’s painful to watch, but some of the “creative” artists at my company mashed-up a French golfing tutorial video by someone else named David Gagné to mock me. Holy gullible women, Batman! Nine young ladies thought they were on a reality TV show, but were really being kidnapped, […]


Is Florida Field the loudest stadium in college football? I’d say yes. It’s actually louder than that. Think of the loudest noise you have ever heard. Now imagine that loudness, but just a little bit louder. Also, you’re screaming. And it’s very, very, very hot. And sweaty. Swampy, even. And the guy next to you […]

Welcome to Los Angeles

It’s hard to believe, but today is the nine-year anniversary of the day I arrived in Los Angeles. At the time I really had no idea I’d stay for so long. And yet here I am still. Life’s funny like that.

Friday Five: Favorite Golf Clubs
  1. rescue 3
  2. sand wedge
  3. 7 iron
  4. driver
  5. pitching wedge
GatorNotes has Florida at #1 and #15 at #2. What about Troy? Ten Top Ten Lists Bonzai! From Urban Meyer’s post-game press conference, on Chris Rainey, who had one carry for 76 yards and a touchdown: “I think he’s averaging 76 yards/carry.” My first week of Yahoo!’s College Pick ’em didn’t go so well. I […]

Daily David

The sketches on Funny Or Die keep getting better. This week Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes / Spock from the new Star Trek) appears as a convenience store robber who manages to get his life on track … sorta. Here’s the feel-good story of the day: A Portland couple — and their ’57 Chrysler — […]


It’s kickoff Saturday! To say that I am as giddy as a schoolgirl would be a gross understatement. I am much, much giddier than a schoolgirl. I scoff at the weak attempts of giddiness displayed by the average schoolgirls. Our long national nightmare — the preposterous abundance of months without college football — is finally […]

Friday Five: Favorite Holidays
  1. Christmas
  2. 4th of July
  3. Halloween
  4. St. Patrick’s Day
  5. New Year’s Eve

Saurian Sagacity has done an excellent statistical analysis of college football to produce a list of the top ten teams of the decade. Miami’s 2001 squad ranks first, but Florida’s 06 and 08 teams both make the list. “New rule; if I have to look up your mascot, you’re not beating Florida in Gainesville. (In […]

Daily David

General Stuff Oh, boy … This should be fun: Michael Moore on Wall Street. Andy took a great shot of some of the smoke from the current SoCal fires while driving yesterday. Durex has run some pretty damn funny advertising campaigns. If you just got a Twitter account and want to learn more than the […]


The main difference between college ball and the NFL is that in college, every game matters. Somewhat lost in the news [of Urban Meyer’s $4M annual salary contract negotiations] was his commitment to give $1M over the course of the deal to the Florida Opportunity Scholars program. Did you know you could win two tickets […]