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A nice summary of the situation: Ok, so Spurrier leaves and is replaced by Zook who was once demoted by Spurrier in favor of Bobby Pruett who left to coach Marshall (in exchange for Billy Donovan) only to lose off coord Ed Zaunbrecher to Zook, in order to fill the offensive hole left by Spurrier

Send Entry

If you look at the little bit at the end of each of the entries here, you’ll notice something new. Yep. My first major hack of MovableType has been a success. You can now email an entry to anyone you want through a handy pop-up window. It’s just like the Yahoo! feature. Ben – the


<Montgomery Burns> Excellent! </Montgomery Burns> I’m about 75% done with my mt-sendentry.cgi development. Youshik has been a tremendous help with some of the trickier Perl bits and Ben is the man for being so cool about answering my eMails. I really hope I can finish working on it tonight so I can have v 0.1


Three years ago this month I made my very first purchase from They sent me a coupon for a $10 discount on any purchase over $50 to celebrate my Amazoniversary. Is this a cheesy marketing gimmick? Yes. Does it work? Yes. I probably won’t even use the coupon; it expires on January 31st. But


Ever hear of the flastmod include? Me neither. Here’s what it does. You can use it just like a #include directive server-side include, except instead of including a file, it returns the last modified timestamp of the file you request. If you’re using SSI in your site, add: <!– #flastmod file=”index.shtml” –> to any parsed


A few people have asked me about the MicroPoll in use on the “FingerTouch” post. I snagged it from Technoerotica! Any time you see anything interesting here at relating to code or web design or blogging, there’s a better-than-even chance that I’ve described how I did it (or written a tutorial even!) on my

Rebuild Hack

It was a dark and stormy night. I had a rebuild error in my individual archive template. I yelled at my monitor, “What could it be?!” I hadn’t modified that template in weeks! Something was wrong. And it was bad. I couldn’t rebuild all. Ack! What to do? I begged Ben for assistance. “Help!” I

MT fix

Note to self: Remember to change MT/lib/ line 205 from return $mt->error(“Building entry failed: ” . $entry->title); to return $mt->error(“Building entry failed: ” . $tmpl->errstr); More on this later!


Here’s a very handy tutorial on CGI Programming.


Has anyone ever used BitBeamer? [ed. note: That link is now dead.] I’ve been using WS_FTP forever, and I just downloaded LeechFTP, but I’ve started looking for alternatives. [ed. note: That link is also now dead.] What’s your favorite ftp app? Note: Yes, I know that this page gets about 3 readers/month, but I still

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A few years ago I was trying to determine what cocktails I could make with the alcohol I had at home. I searched the App Store but couldn't find an app that would let me do that, so I built one.


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