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A recent survey of 6,000 people by recruitment company TMP Worldwide found that irritating mobile phone rings are the top workplace nuisance, followed by malfunctioning equipment such as photocopiers, fax machines and printers. I recently finished my first stint as a contract programmer. (Although I was employed for a few months in 2000 on a

eMail Messaging

Update 2016-03-18 — Boy, was I wrong about this one. In my defense, though, it was pretty awful to read email on your phone in the year 2001. “It’s the interface, stupid!” I got in a discussion recently about text messaging on mobile phones. I don’t understand why so much money is being pumped into

new phone

Greetings from We thought you’d like to know that we shipped your items today, and that this completes your order. Thanks for shopping at, and we hope to see you again soon.

People Can’t Drive

One of the reasons cell phones are such a hazard is that people hold them, keeping one of their hands from the wheel. That’s why many of the proposed laws ban hand-held cell phones. But that’s just a start. If holding a cell phone is dangerous, so is holding a hamburger. That’s why a law

Origami Phone

New Origami Trick: Turn Paper Into a Functional Phone “I recently held a working prototype of the new phone–about the size of a credit card–and listened to the ringing at the other end, marveling at the quality of the audio transmitted through the combination earpiece and microphone. And when my call was done, I unwrapped

Mobile Phone PDA combination

Baby! It really doesn’t get much cooler than this! My Visor and my cell phone combined?! Awesome! The only drawback is that my Visor is much larger than my phone. What I really want is a Visor/phone combo that’s only as big as my phone. With a camera. That plays video games. And unlocks my

Sprint PCS

The Sprint PCS web site is cool. I can see exactly how many minutes I’ve used on my phone this month. You can add features and change passwords and voice mail and yadda yadda yadda too. Technohip.

new phone

Now I have one of these. Ho ho ho.


Cell Phone Industry Group Launches Public Service Campaign Car Phone Safety: Scream “AAHH!” Before Impact

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