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Faulk Arrested

Less than a week after winning the Super Bowl, New England running back Kevin Faulk was jailed after police said he became verbally abusive when told not to move a traffic barricade. Faulk disputes the charges, according to attorney Jason Robideaux. He said Faulk’s passenger moved a barricade and Faulk’s wife became belligerent while Faulk


The party for team families and invited fans and supporters was loud and semi-drunken by the time I left at 1:50 a.m. As I walked out, a red-faced lout said to me: “Pee-DUH! You know why weah so happy? Othah than the Celtics, we ain’t won nothin’ since the Revolutionary Wah!”

Super Bowl

Patriots: 20 Rams: 17 w00t!

No Fingers!

Linda Fletcher experienced her first heartbreak of the Super Bowl on Wednesday morning when the bellhop was removing her luggage from the cab at her hotel. “They said I couldn’t take my foam finger to the game,” the Boston woman lamented. “I’ve taken it to every game this season. It’s the good luck charm that

SuperBowl XXXVI

Anyone predicting a Rams’ rout of the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI might want to take a quick history lesson first, starting with Week 10 of this season. On Nov. 18 in Foxboro, Mass., the Pats led the Rams 10-7 in the second quarter and had a 1st-and-goal before Antowain Smith fumbled away the football.

Not So Happy Ending

The scene was jubilant — a dream come true for a loyal New England Patriots fan like Michael Downing. His beloved team had just capped an improbable comeback to defeat the Oakland Raiders in one of the most memorable playoff games in NFL history. Just seconds later, as his family cheered amid the bedlam at

In other NFL news, NBC has announced that during halftime of the Super Bowl, it will air a 20-minute special of the drek “reality” show Fear Factor — reality shows” being the least real things on television — in which the contestants are six former Playboy Playmates of the Year. Swimsuits will surely be required for the so-far-undisclosed event. Maybe it will be a tanning-oil rubbing competition! The segment will start the moment the Super Bowl second quarter concludes, to lure viewers from Fox during the halftime festivities.

Super Bowl Ring Found

Super Bowl Ring Found

Things You Can Find in a Couch for $300, Alex

Danny Wuerffel helped the Florida Gators win the 1996 National Championship. I can’t believe he is going from the crappiest team in the NFL (the Saints), to the best team in NFL Europe (the Fire), to the team I hate most in the NFL (the Packers). Not only did the cheeselogs beat my Patriots in the ’96 Super Bowl, but they are the most hated enemy of my Tampa Bay Bucs.

<overly melodramatic>Why?! Why is life so unfair?!</overly melodramatic>

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