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“Cold beer is bottled God.”
Dylan Thomas

Friday Five: Favorite Places to Drink Beer
  1. Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field, Gainesville, Florida
  3. The Hula Grill, Whaler’s Village, Maui, Hawaii
  4. Hooters Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
  5. Pat O’Brien’s, New Orleans, Louisiana
Zima: RIP

To Coors’ horror, Zima proved most popular among young women — a demographic that, while generally fond of getting tanked, just doesn’t have the same thirst for hooch as its male counterpart. And once the ladies took a shine to the stuff, the guys avoided Zima as if it were laced with estrogen. from The […]

Friday Night

Went to see the Fab Four at the Canyon Club tonight. They were pretty awesome (as far as cover bands go). They changed costumes a few times and played probably two dozen Beatles songs. They weren’t the Red Elvises or anything, but it was a good show and a lot of fun. There’s not much […]

Thursday Night @ the Roxy

Another Thursday night, another becky show at the Roxy. This was — if I remember correctly — the tenth Thursday in a row (excluding St. Patrick’s) that I’ve been there. This time I experienced Los Angeles parking nirvana when I got there. Not only did I get a meter right across the street, but it […]

Simpsons Beer Bottle Opener
Beer-Opening Robot

Just when you thought beer-drinking couldn’t get any better, along comes the Autonomous Beer-Opening Robot, or ABOR. It was built by Jean-Phillipe Clerc, a mechanical engineering master’s student at the University of Florida, as part of the school’s Intelligent Machine Design Laboratory class. link via Visual Distortion

A Few Good Reasons for Drinking

I’ve a few good reasons for drinking And one just entered my head If a man can’t drink when he’s living How the hell can he drink when he’s dead? – seen on a t-shirt for McSwiggin’s Pub, “where there are no strangers, only friends yet to meet”

lust for beer

A strange thing happened on my way to the west coast. At some point along the way I seem to have misplaced my lust for beer. I’m not frantically searching for it or anything. Usually I barely even notice that it’s missing. But. I can’t help but wonder where it went.

Beer Fights Kidney Stones

In a battle like that, I’ll root for beer every time. Keep up the good fight, Dan.


The not-very-interesting results of my beverage poll: 6 Other 3 Pepsi 2 Beer 2 Coke 2 Jack & Coke 1 Lemonade 1 Mountain Dew 1 Water Note that only one person besides me chose beer. You rock.

Keg Beer

note to self: It is never ever never under any circumstances no matter what a good idea to drink keg beer. We did have a blast at Mike‘s party last night. Keff and Matt left before Sylvia, Ryan, Brown, Kim, and I got there, though.

Beer Solves Problems

haHA! On the cover of this month’s issue of Men’s Health: FIX EVERY PROBLEM WITH BEER


When I went to LA in June of ’99, Jorge and I bought a few 20-packs of Budweiser longnecks. I was surprised to see the 20-pack boxes out there. I had never seen them anywhere outside of New England. They are pretty economical; a 20-pack is around $12 while a 12-pack is $8.50. The case […]


Okay: What freak-o brought Heineken to the party Saturday night? There’s one sitting in the bottom of the fridge …


Well … now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall … Sylvia and Bhrett are in route to India. Their plane left Orlando around noon today. Sylv called from Newark (Queen of Our Cities), NJ sometime around 4 pm EST. They should be landing in Paris soon and then on […]