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Dollar Shave Club

I joined Dollar Shave Club the day their viral ad campaign hit Facebook. I received my first shipment about three weeks ago, but only this week started using their handle and blades. I chose the $1.00/mo level to start and can now confidently tell you that they’re surprisingly terrific. I’m very happy with the service […]


I love Twitter. I joined when I was at SXSW2006 and forgot all about it until about six months ago. I’ve been enjoying it tremendously lately. Just today I finally convinced Kelly to install Twitterific. And now … Shaquille O’Neal is posting tweets.

Internet Map

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Friday Five: Underappreciated Tom Petty Songs

Five Underappreciated Tom Petty Songs

  1. “Cabin Down Below” — from Wildflowers
  2. “Change the Locks” — from She’s the One
  3. “Billy the Kid” — from Echo
  4. “the last dj” — from The Last DJ
  5. “Southern Accents” — from Southern Accents
Alphabet Tunes

Here’s another silly music meme. This one’s from A Small Victory. Take all the songs in iTunes (or your music player of choice), alphabetize ’em, and tell the first song of each letter. Yes, it’s lame. Yes, it’s fun. I got more than 26 because I couldn’t resist including numerals and non-alphanumeric characters. And I […]

Pass the Baton …

Gee, I haven’t been involved in a meme in quite some time, and I’m currently nursing a wicked sinus infection and suffering from post-Sith syndrome, but I’ll play along. It’s a music meme, and everyone knows I’m a sucker for both. I should note that my copy of iTunes has 6811 songs, some 500+ of […]


Once again I am probably several months behind on this one, but everyone knows I’m a sucker for a good meme. And it’s not my fault, I swear! I’ve just been working triple-time for the last few months. Anyway …Here is my “blog family tree” from BlogTree.com. Look at all those siblings I have! Now, […]

What Is David?

This is quite funny. From Robyn came the idea to do a Google search on “David is“.Here are the top ten eleven things David is, according to Google: David is … the devil. David is … burning. David is … triumphant over Goliath. David is … currently a hot property in the character actor business. David is … science editor for Parade Magazine, and writes […]

Friday Five: Television

Well, I haven’t jumped on one of these bandwagons in a while. Here is my Friday Five, all about television:

  1. What’s your favorite TV show and why?
    Not including football? I’d say Law & Order or Law & Order: SVU. Law & Order: CI is decent, but I’ve only caught it once. I just started watching L&O a month or so ago and it’s excellent. There are a decade or so of re-runs that are all “new to me”, so I dig it. I don’t mean to sound like one of the herd, but I’ll add that West Wing, The Sopranos, and Six Feet Under are all absolutely incredible.
  2. Who is your favorite television star?
    … <blinks> … I don’t really know. I used to think George Clooney was cool on ER. Does that count?
  3. What was your favorite TV show as a child?
    I’d guess SuperFriends, G.I. Joe, or anything with Wile E. Coyote.
  4. What show do you think should have been cancelled by now?
    I’m amazed that ER and Friends are still alive, but I don’t think either should have been canceled. Frasier, though. That would be my choice. I just don’t think it’s funny any more.
  5. What new show do you hope escapes the axe this season?
    I really can’t say. I don’t think I watch any “new” shows.
Googlewhacking II

I think I have reached nerdvana. From UnBlinking: “Greeble’s Heisenwhack Principle What to call a self-immolating Googlewhack (one that ceases to be unique after Google spiders a site where the whack is reported)? Kudos to Ray Greeble for coining the excellent term “Heisenwhack.” He based the term loosely on the jargon entry for HeisenBUG. Paralleling […]


If it’s possible to fall head-over-heels in love with a meme, I’ve done it. Googlewhacking: The Search for The One It took me a few tries. I’ll admit I sat staring at the screen for a bit. Google found thousands and thousands of what I considered to be incredibly strange juxtapositions. esoteric amplitude? 2,250 hits […]

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B7 d++ t+ k+ s u f i o x e++ l+ c– Yeah, I’m a sucker for a meme, that’s for sure.

Appendix B

Is it true? Yes! It’s the return of the Featurette Guide! The expanded, revised, and updated Blogger Featurette Guide™©! Check out all the groovy-cool things your fellow bloggers have done over the years.


Did you ever say, “I’m thirsty!” and have someone respond, “Hey! I’m Friday! Let’s go to Saturday and have a Sunday!” Man. I always thought that was so freaking lame. But. What really drives me nuts is that since I was like … ten? eleven? … any time I hear someone say, “I’m hungry!” it […]


I have to agree with Caterina: I’m not happy at all with the results of my art test.


I just took a verbalIQ test that I found at leuschke.org. My overall score was a depressingly low 87%. I did well in the Reading Comprehension and Anagrams sections. I had never seen an Anagrams section on a standardized test. It’s an interesting concept, although I think it’s really just another form of a vocabulary […]

My New Name

Flywheel.org’s Random Title and Name Generator indicates that I should refer to myself as Chairman of The Association for the Promotion of Women’s Prison Movies, David Vincent Gagne. It’s a bit much for a business card, but I like it. [link via Elise]


According to the What’s Your Theme Song? quiz, my personal theme song is AC/DC’s Back in Black. I have to agree with Billy: Lame. This is the least on-target of all the quizzes I’ve taken at eMode.com. I only barely like that song, and there’s no way it’s the theme of my life. (Here are […]


The Blog Twinning Project is kind of interesting. I’m wondering who is going to the site and assigning – for lack of a better term – twins to blogs. I suspect there is a significant number of bloggers who are pairing themselves with others, but to what end I cannot imagine. Not only do I […]


I love this. You probably won’t. I’m fascinated by memes. I’m fascinated by memes, urban legends, etc. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I fell for every single, “I knew this guy once …” story that Uncle Dic ever told me when I was a little kid. I have […]