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There’s a neat story on about the 101st anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake. This year only one man who was there at the time made it to the festivities, 104-yr old Herbert Hamrol. As far as I’m concerned, the most fascinating thing about the article is not that this man is over a century old. It’s not even that the old guy got out of bed at 2:30 in the morning to make it to the ceremony. It’s that it notes Hamrol took the day off work to attend. What the hell?! Retire, dude!

Sometimes You Just Need a Bat Stretcher

At some point in your life, you’re going to be asked to find a bat stretcher. This is a terrific story. I’ve gone through this experience myself, so I know the feeling. It happened to me while I was loading trucks on the midnight-to-ten shift for Old Dominion Freight Lines. One of the dock managers

Dangerous Jobs

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), farm workers are risking their lives every time they enter a manure pit.


from Of course, my hope is that any programmer who uses the Web also gives back to the Web, posts their solved problems, tips, sample code, and so on. (I’m lucky that I get to do this as part of my job.) For a programmer these days, knowing how to learn on the Web


Today is my last (official) day here at HRI. Tomorrow should be my last day, but it’s my ‘flex’ day. One of the coolest perks of this job was the schedule. They have what’s called a 9/80 work week. You work 80 hours in 9 days instead of the usual ten. The bonus is that

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A few years ago I was trying to determine what cocktails I could make with the alcohol I had at home. I searched the App Store but couldn't find an app that would let me do that, so I built one.


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