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Los Angeles Monorail

Did you know that way, way back in 1963 Alweg Research Corp. — the company that built the Disneyland monorail — offered to give a monorail system to the city of Los Angeles? I’ve ridden both the Disneyland and the Walt Disney World monorails hundreds of times in my life and I’ve wasted thousands of […]

Big O Tires – West Los Angeles

I traded my trusty rusty 2006 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 for a 2004 Lexus RX330 when we had the boy. (I got a really, really good deal on the Lexus at Jim Falk Lexus of Beverly Hills.) A few weeks ago we topped 90,000 miles on it and I knew it was time for a new […]

Corn Resin Traffic Cones?

Why don’t they make traffic cones from some sort of easily-pulverizable corn resin type material? I see a half dozen of those things on my drive to work every day, usually squeezed into a median barrier or precariously close to the shoulder. If they burst into little pieces — like the special effects shatter glass […]

Driverless Cars

Ever since my son was born I have been saying that I don’t think he’ll ever need to “drive” a car. I really think that by the time he’s old enough to drive, the idea of sitting behind the wheel and steering and using the gas pedal will be silly to him. I’m not saying […]

Friday Five: Favorite Things about Driving in Los Angeles
  1. the PCH at 3 am
  2. the danger
  3. the screaming
  4. the potholes
  5. Northbound 405 between Santa Monica and Wilshire
Mercedes Benz Accident

I played a round of golf this afternoon at Porter Valley Country Club with Kelly and his dad and Rob. I shot a disheartening 117, although the round was not as bad as the scorecard makes it sound. I had a couple of great drives and was putting pretty well, but my short game seems […]

Friday Five: Favorite Los Angeles Street Names
  1. Ventura
  2. Cahuenga
  3. Sepulveda
  4. Wilshire
  5. La Cienega
Cotner and Santa Monica

In keeping with Obama’s new “Era of Responsibility”, I’m going to start a new recurring feature here at davidgagne.net. I was thinking of naming it “Assholes Who Refuse to Pay Attention to Traffic Signs”, but I think instead I’ll just go with the name of the intersection. Since I am forced to take the same […]

Los Angeles Superior Court

On May 1, 2008 I received a traffic citation while driving approximately 5mph in the middle of a bottleneck on Sunset Boulevard. A motorcycle cop driving between the lanes was stuck next to me because the guy in the other lane had drifted too close to my lane. He looked at me and nodded. I […]

Back Seat Gator

I’d have to say that “the back seat of my car” is somewhere near the top of my list of Places Not to Keep an Alligator.

Dell Laptop Hard Drive Failure

Last week my wife called me to say that her laptop — my old Dell Latitude D610 — wouldn’t boot. Of course her whole life is on this machine and she had a paper due that evening and, no, she didn’t have any backups. So I left the office around 3pm to try to save […]

Highway Articles

A few days ago a friend from a long, long time ago recently reinstalled AIM and contacted me out of the blue. While we were chatting I started to mention something about a road trip I’d taken in another life. I was going to say that I had once gotten lost in Washington D.C. on […]

Speeding in Los Angeles

On May 20, 2006 I was tagged for speeding on the 405 while returning from my friend’s wedding in Valencia. This was one of the (rare) instances when I felt I was undeserving of a speeding ticket. There were cars on either side of me and a guy was coming up my rear like a […]

Stay Patient, Stay Alive

This month’s issue of Discover Magazine featured an article on The Math of . . . Changing Lanes. It was the usual drek on reasons why I shouldn’t drive like a maniac. It’s the sort of thing my mom would clip and mail to me with an “I told you so”-type note attached. Sneaking its […]


For some ridiculous reason I was still at the office at 11:45pm yesterday. When I got on the highway at 11:55pm, I mistakenly assumed that traffic would be minimal and I would zip home. Ha! They closed the 405. They. Closed. The. 405. Comically they chose not to let you know that it was closed […]

LA Superior Court Web Site

The Superior Court of California has a terrific web site. I have no idea what possessed them to use *images* instead of *text* for all their links, though. That’s just plain stupid. But … I was able to pay my latest traffic citation on line, which was very nice.

Chased by a Boeing Helicopter

A rather odd thing happened to me on my way to the theater Friday night. I was chased by a helicopter. Yes. I know that sounds odd. Imagine – just for a second – how odd it would feel to drive several miles with a helicopter about two car lengths behind you and only about […]


My drive home is always exciting. link via youshik

Urban Myths

From the “Frequently Asked Questions” page at the California Highway Patrol web site: I have heard that some gangs are initiating new members by driving with their headlights off and when people flash their lights at them, they must shoot the drivers of the cars who do this. Is this true? Ha!


Jiminy Cricket! Here it is, the #3 of January, and I’ve yet to make any resolutions! Obviously there is a ball and I’ve got to get on it, and soon. I’ll resolve some things as quickly as I can. Resolution #1: Make resolutions #4 – 10. Resolution #2: Make no more U-turns on Ventura when […]