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On Baseball

On Baseball

A beautiful essay on baseball


Here’s one for the “weird” file: GIANTmicrobes! I always wanted a stuffed rhinovirus! We make stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes — only a million times actual size! Each 5-to-7 inch doll is accompanied by an image of the real microbe it represents, as well as information about the microbe. link via 8 Ways

Weekend Update

I had a great Easter weekend. Dinner at La Loggia’s Friday night. (Inexplicably sans web site for linking. A great restaurant in Studio City. Don’t sit in the patio area if you can help it.) A fairly uneventful but relaxing Saturday topped off by The Upside of Anger. (A wonderful flick, I loved it.) Fell

The Commonly Confused Words Test

Amazing! According to this test I am an English Genius. It was not a surprise to see that I scored a perfect 100%, actually, on the advanced sections. What was shocking was that I scored in the embarrassingly-low 80s on what were supposed to be the simple sections. That, and the fact that I could

Musical Lists

I just found one of the top ten funniest things on the Internet. Some crazy kids started making lists based on songs, and they are just hysterical. Here’s one of my favorites, but there are hundreds. You must go read them. It is time to: play the music light the light put on makeup dress

Not So Professional

Almost every day I pass this squat, imposing building on my way to work. It makes me laugh every morning. Today I happened to simultaneously have my camera on me and get stopped at the red light across the street. I snapped this photo so you can chuckle at it, too.

Thursday Night @ the Roxy

Another Thursday night, another becky show at the Roxy. This was — if I remember correctly — the tenth Thursday in a row (excluding St. Patrick’s) that I’ve been there. This time I experienced Los Angeles parking nirvana when I got there. Not only did I get a meter right across the street, but it

Lesley University

Congratulations to my little sister, Michelle! She just got accepted to Lesley University! Right in the middle of Harvard Square! How cool is that?

Stay Patient, Stay Alive

This month’s issue of Discover Magazine featured an article on The Math of . . . Changing Lanes. It was the usual drek on reasons why I shouldn’t drive like a maniac. It’s the sort of thing my mom would clip and mail to me with an “I told you so”-type note attached. Sneaking its

Last Year Was Next Year

I really love that I didn’t have to stare at the page and wonder. I knew immediately, based on the context of the rest of the site, what MFY Fan meant. In other news: I just got what is probably my fifteenth or twentieth Sox cap. There’s something alarmingly tragically poetic about a man so

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