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DreamSEO and SubmissionShark

I get a lot of spam. A lot. No, really. I get a lot of spam. I am directly or indirectly connected to the whois / registration of dozens and dozens of sites. I get a.lot.of.spam. So. Tonight I happen to notice a piece of spam directed towards a URL that I own that nobody

Is There Anybody Out There?

What are the chances that after two+ years of little-to-no posting that anybody will be interested in visiting this site again? I’m guessing pretty slim. In my defense: I’ve been extraordinarily busy. Poor here was also deluged with about 100 spam comments each day, which is one of the main reasons I finally switched

m4o cece records money4opinions

We all know that Critical IP sucks. I’d also like to make it known that money4opinions sucks. There are dozens of comments at that link about how these cretins are running an on-line scam. Please feel free to spread the word. Here’s the HTML: < a title=”read about bad experiences with this company” href=”″ >money4opinions</a>


I’ve been getting some really funny spam lately. Has anyone else received this one? No one likes to touch the toilet seat. Why else would public restrooms offer those little paper liners? Fingertouch brings you that type of service at home. You never have to touch your toilet seat again.

Spam URL

From the Spam from Places with Incredibly Long Domain Names Dept.:!

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

I can’t possibly be the only one that’s received the ridiculous-but-oh-so-earnest spam from the alleged Dr. Sule Ibrahim, Director of Project Implementation for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Let me know if you got it, too! We could start a little club! It would be ultra-secret, and you can only be a member if you received

Code Red Virus

Hi! You have no idea who I am, but I have this file here that I thought you could double-click for me to install a virus on your computer that I would like your advice on. Thanks, me

Miami, Part II

Grrr … and, even though I can access GreyMatter to post, for some reason the folks at AT&T have determined that is a porn site or something. The Public Phone 2000i won’t let me view my own page. So. I guess I’ll go read Rolling Stone. The paper, handheld, old-fashioned version. In a chair.

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