I whistle all the airs from that infernal nonsense Pinafore.

May 23rd, 2002 @ 10:49 am

Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix) – Rob Zombie

May 12th, 2002 @ 11:04 pm
Song of the Moment

Time for a little poll. Every now and then I upload a mystery song to my Song of the Moment blog. Does anyone ever download it? Should I bother to keep doing that? I never get any feedback, and I’m wondering if it’s worth it. So here’s your chance to make an impact on the […]

May 12th, 2002 @ 10:56 pm
Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta

Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta – Geto Boys

May 12th, 2002 @ 3:10 am
Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith – Bruce Springsteen

May 10th, 2002 @ 1:57 pm
TV Star

TV Star – Butthole Surfers

May 8th, 2002 @ 11:44 am
Her First Mistake

Her First Mistake – Lyle Lovett

May 4th, 2002 @ 7:48 pm
Greatest Music

I tried to resist but I just couldn’t. I first saw links to Rolling Stone.com‘s 50 Coolest Records and 50 UnCoolest Records a few days ago. I visited and started looking at the Cool list. The site is designed intentionally (apparently) to force you to look at the albums one at a time; there’s no […]

May 4th, 2002 @ 6:47 pm
mp3 Software

Tag&Rename is a powerful, easy-to-use program for organizing and archiving your library of music files. It’s solid design handles both the .mp3 and .vqf music formats. With Tag&Rename, you can quickly and easily rename your music while also editing the embedded tag data used by popular music players – both ID3 and ID3 v2 formats.

May 2nd, 2002 @ 10:48 am
All Along the Watchtower

One of my favorite songs is All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan. I am always looking for covers of it. I have versions by Dave Matthews Band, Jimi Hendrix, the Indigo Girls, and U2. (Click “read more” to see.) If anyone knows of any other versions out there, please tell me where I can […]

May 1st, 2002 @ 6:53 am
New Music Now

I’m really much more interested in this for its possible application elsewhere, but I just found this niftiest of little buttons from Emergent Music. Trés hep. Click the “read more …” link to see it in action. link via The Shifted Librarian

April 25th, 2002 @ 12:04 pm
Barry Manilow

I drove over the hill and down into West Hollywood yesterday for an interview. At some point during my trip I topped 10,000 miles on my truck. After the interview I met my girlfriend at the Olive Garden and then we booked to the Kodak Theater. Our friends, Michael and Deanna, got us tickets to […]

April 20th, 2002 @ 5:43 am
Alice in Chains

SEATTLE, Washington (AP): A body was found at the home of Layne Staley, lead singer and guitarist for the Seattle grunge band Alice in Chains. The King County medical examiner’s office scheduled an autopsy Saturday but investigator[s] … could not immediately confirm the identity of the deceased late Friday night. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer quoted unidentified […]

April 20th, 2002 @ 4:06 am
Oblio Returns

Oblio’s Return (narration) – Harry Nilsson

April 19th, 2002 @ 9:08 pm
Burn Baby Burn

I finally finished making my Burn Baby Burn Weblogger CD Exchange mixes (previously mentioned here). I’m late. They were supposed to be in the mail on the 15th. I’ve already received CDs from three other participants: unusuallysuspect.com, cultofdarian.com, and Sophia H. I am really digging the one from unusuallysuspect.com. It’s ultra-mellow. And Sophia stuck Springsteen’s […]

April 19th, 2002 @ 7:02 pm
The Covers Project

Amazon XML? Google API? Web services? You want some cool web services? The Covers Project … building a database of cover songs (songs performed by an artist other than the original performer) with the intention of creating cover “chains.” A cover chain is a set of songs in which each song is a cover of […]

April 18th, 2002 @ 10:23 am
Are You Sleeping?

Are You Sleeping? – Harry Nilsson

April 16th, 2002 @ 5:58 pm
The Clearing in the Woods

The Clearing in the Woods (narration) – Harry Nilsson

April 16th, 2002 @ 11:52 am
Music Industry News

I’m finding more good links through The Shifted Librarian than I can imagine. This is a consistently excellent blog which covers a wide range of intriguing topics. In the past few days there has been some well-written commentary (and linkage) on the state of the radio/music industry in the new, digital era. Here are three […]

April 11th, 2002 @ 3:15 pm
P.O.V. Waltz

P.O.V. Waltz – Harry Nilsson

April 10th, 2002 @ 11:07 am
The Birds

The Birds (narration) – Harry Nilsson