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Actual correction from last week’s San Francisco Chronicle: “A story about mathematical references mistakenly said that 1,782 to the 12th power plus 1,841 to the 12th power equals 1,922 to the 12th power. Actually, 1,782 to the 12th power plus 1,841 to the 12th power equals 2,541,210,258,614, 589,176,288,669,958,142,428,526,657 while 1,922 to the 12th power equals 2,541,210,259,314,801,410,819,278,649,643,651,567,616.”
from Tuesday Morning Quarterback

This week’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback includes a delicious link to college football’s funniest fight song. It also includes the best football commentary on the web, and a little bit about that lovable V’Ger, from the first Star Trek movie.

If you’ve been trying to find Gregg Easterbrook‘s column on Salon and you can’t, it’s because he switched to’s Page 2. From now on, you can get your weekly doses of TMQ right here.

Penthouse Error

Some quotes from an article about a lawsuit


On the difference between the NBA and the NFL


NFL players have unusually small hat sizes.

In other NFL news, NBC has announced that during halftime of the Super Bowl, it will air a 20-minute special of the drek “reality” show Fear Factor — reality shows” being the least real things on television — in which the contestants are six former Playboy Playmates of the Year. Swimsuits will surely be required for the so-far-undisclosed event. Maybe it will be a tanning-oil rubbing competition! The segment will start the moment the Super Bowl second quarter concludes, to lure viewers from Fox during the halftime festivities.


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