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Today is the birthday of Alfred M. Butts, the man who invented Scrabble, a game I’ve been playing for as long as I can remember. Words with Friends was one of the first iPhone apps I installed, and I’ve played it pretty much daily for almost a decade now. Long, long before the iPhone was […]

Two Months with an iPhone 6

In which I detail all the problems I’ve had with the iPhone 6

Friday Five: Favorite iPhone Games

Words With Friends

Friday Five: My Favorite Words with Friends Words
  1. SQUAD
  2. JO
  3. ZA
  5. CHAI
Dealing with My iPhoto Library

I have about 40,000 photos, which makes iPhoto impossible to use. I don’t mean, “It’s difficult for me to use.” I mean, “I can’t use it at all.” It crashes on me constantly; And on the rare occasions I am able to even open the application, its performance is too unbearably slow and unresponsive to […]

Friday Five: Awesome iPhone Apps

TweetbotThese are the iPhone apps which I use most frequently:

* I’m excluding games and Facebook.

iPhone 5 Christmas Wallpapers

Each of these holiday-themed images is 640px x 1136px, which is perfect for an iPhone 5 background.

Death and All of His Friends

I just finished a 5.47 mi run with a pace of 10'00"/mi with Nike+ Running. #nikeplus — David Vincent Gagne (@davidgagne) October 5, 2012 About a tenth of a mile after the five mile mark, I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and went flying. I was able to break my fall with […]

The Price of Being Connected

Let’s take a look at my current connection costs here in Los Angeles: Service Purpose Approximate Monthly Rate DirecTV HD Satellite TV + 2 HD DVRs $135 AT&T mobile phones + data $235 Verizon land line (for alarm system) $24 Time-Warner Cable Internet $50 So I’m paying almost $450.00/mo to stay “connected”. Eek.

Favs App

The new Mac app Favs looks pretty nifty (hat tip to Shawn Blanc), but I don’t see why I’d use it instead of Stellar is free, handles all the services I use, and works beautifully on my iPhone 4S. I have an extra invite to Stellar available right now. Tweet me if you want […]

Replaced by iPhone

I noticed my alarm clock sitting forlornly on my bedside table last night as I was going to sleep. It got me thinking about all the things I no longer use. Sure, we all know that CDs have been replaced by mp3s and VCRs have been replaced by DVRs and DVDs. But there is a […]

Cool Mystery Gift

When I got home from work last night, there was a mysterious package waiting for me. I wasn’t expecting anything and the return address was nothing I recognized. Inside was a small silver and black box and a note saying that it was a late birthday present from my friend Bob. Bob is an arms […]

iTunes Tuesday: iPhone Music Streaming

No matter how hard you try to keep your music library organized, compressed, and free of ABBA, eventually you’re going to have more tunes than you can fit on your iPhone (or iPod, or any other mp3 device). The most recent iPod Classic has a capacity of 120GB, which can certainly hold a lot of […]

Friday Five: iPhone Games

The iPhone games that are occupying the highest percentage of my free time right now are:

  1. FlightControl (previously)
  2. Wild West Pinball
  3. Parachute Panic
  4. Wild West Guns
  5. SkyBurger

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iTunes Tuesday: Display Song Lyrics

Did you know that you can store a song’s lyrics inside iTunes? Simply right-click on any song and choose Get Info. Then switch to the Lyrics tab and paste the lyrics there. Now when you play that track on your iPhone or iPod touch, the lyrics will be displayed right on the screen.

Flight Control

The absolute best iPhone app on the market right now has got to be Firemint’s FlightControl. You are an air-traffic controller tasked with routing planes (and helicopters) to the correct landing strip at one of three different airports. It sounds simple — and it is easy to learn and play — but after you’ve gotten […]

GarageBand + iTunes = Free iPhone Ringtones

Whoa! I had no idea that you could use GarageBand and iTunes to create custom iPhone ringtones from any song in your iTunes library. That is bitchin’!

Friday Five: iPhone Apps

It’s time for me to revive the Friday Five here. We’ll start with a list of my five favorite iPhone apps:

  1. Shazam
  2. Twitterific
  3. TapDefense
  4. Vicinity
  5. Morocco
How to Handle a Ducking iPhone

For some reason that makes little sense, Apple decided to not include one of the words I use most frequently in the iPhone’s internal dictionary. So if I ever send you a text message saying that something is, “ducking awesome,” or that you need to, “get the duck out,” that is why. A certified Apple […]

iPhone SMS Alarm Bug

This morning I discovered what is possibly the world’s most annoying iPhone bug. For some time now I’ve been trying to determine why every now and then I seem to sleep right through my alarm. The iPhone alarm can be set to be tragically loud and uncomfortably annoying, so the fact that I have frequently […]