It's all ball-bearings nowadays.

Free WiFi in Los Angeles

I added my house to Hotspotr. If you are desperate for free WiFi in Los Angeles, feel free to sit in my driveway and use some of my bandwidth. I have had a Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router with no password for years and I’m also broadcasting with the free FON wireless access point I got […]

Seeing Stars in LA

Seeing celebrities in Los Angeles is still pretty cool, even though I’ve lived here for 6+ years now. It seems like they’ve been coming out of the woodwork lately. Here’s a quick summary of the last week or so: On President’s Day I saw Chad Lowe at the Coral Tree Cafe in Brentwood. On Friday […]

Cucina Paradiso and The Palmer Room – Los Angeles

Last week my girlfriend and I had dinner at Cucina Paradiso. It’s a great little Italian restaurant that shares a building with The Palmer Room on Motor Ave. The Palmer Room is a bar / club with a tiny stage for live music; Their website is fairly bland, but the bar itself is quite cozy […]

Memphis Hollywood

We found yet another fabulous restaurant last night: Memphis. (map). This “Southern Style Dining” establishment is located in Hollywood in “the last remaining residential house … left on this highly commercialized street.” It’s quirky and fun to eat in a restaurant that used to be a house. The lighting is very romantic and the food […]

Shotgun Blast – Von Cotton

Last night was another crazy cool one in Los Angeles. The fun began with dinner on the Sunset strip: Ron Jeremy was at the table on our left and Scott Baio was at the table on our right. The service was uncharacteristically craptacular, but the food was excellent. (You can’t do much better than the […]

Speeding in Los Angeles

On May 20, 2006 I was tagged for speeding on the 405 while returning from my friend’s wedding in Valencia. This was one of the (rare) instances when I felt I was undeserving of a speeding ticket. There were cars on either side of me and a guy was coming up my rear like a […]

Von Cotton – LA Music

Got plans for January 24th? Of course you don’t. Now you do. Mark it down. Von Cotton will be live at Molly Malone’s next Wednesday. These guys are excellent. You must be there. Come see them now before they sign a multi-record contract for millions of dollars. That way you’ll get to say, “I saw […]

What happens here …

“What happens here, happens in the rest of the country a decade later.” We’re talking about Los Angeles, folks. This excellent quote is from a stupendous essay on why there will never be an NFL team in LA. It only took me a few months to realize that this place wasn’t going to be able […]

Pastina Trattoria – Westwood

Last night my girlfriend and her stepmother went to a wine-tasting class at The Wine House in Westwood. They recruited me as a designated driver and after I picked them up we went to Pastina Trattoria for a late dinner. Pastina has quickly become my favorite Italian place in Los Angeles. It is almost sacrilegiously […]

Ago Restaurant – Los Angeles

To celebrate straight As on her report card, I took my girlfriend to Robert De Niro‘s Ago Restaurant Friday night. This lovely little Italian eatery is on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. We didn’t have reservations, but after a few glasses of wine at the very crowded bar, the maître d’ managed to squeeze us […]

Panini Cafe – Marina Del Rey

Their website is craptacular and looks like it hasn’t been updated since last June, but the Panini Cafe in Marina Del Rey is a damn good place to have lunch. I’ve eaten there probably two dozen times since my company moved into our current building several years ago. I’d go there more often but there […]

Speeding in Los Angeles

There is something pathetically ironic about being stuck in twelve lanes of 15 mph traffic in Los Angeles while driving to court to deal with a speeding ticket. Late at night back in May I was doing about 65 mph in the center lane of this same freeway when a maniac came flying down the […]

Contextless Content: Episode #21

Contextless Content: A portion of a conversation, usually from an instant messenger platform. Josh says: if me and you were in a dark alley in Compton or a haunted mansion and you said, hey this is pretty scary, let’s split up. I would say, I have a better idea, no David says: 1. I would […]

Von Cotton

Last night Tricia and I saw Von Cotton perform at Molly Malone’s. They are an awesome new country act playing in Los Angeles. We saw them the first time at some dive honky-tonk just south of Marina Del Rey a year or so ago. Back then they mostly were doing classic country covers. Now they’ve […]

The 2006 Children’s Choice Awards

On Sunday my girlfriend and I attended The 2006 Children’s Choice Awards event Bogart Backstage, sponsored by The TJ Martell Foundation. It was held at The Hollywood Palladium and featured a presentation by Bonnie Hunt in addition to appearances by Bowling for Soup, Hilary Duff, and Aly & AJ.

Speeding Cops

On January 18 of this year I got a speeding ticket for doing 53 mph in a 35 mph zone on a barren stretch of Sawtelle Avenue at about 7 a.m. This morning I drove behind two CHP patrol cars — one was license plate #1204664 — doing between 54 and 57 mph for at […]

Thursday Night in Los Angeles

My girlfriend and I had dinner last night at The Rainbow Room and then went to see The Perfect Victim play at the Whisky A Go Go on Sunset Blvd. We didn’t know it in advance, but the Whisky was hosting a “launch party” for a new concert review web site,, so there were […]


Last night we went to dinner at Aroma in Silver Lake and then caught a new band — Castaneda (website, myspace) — at El Cid. My girlfriend works for a music management company, so we often find ourselves out seeing new music in LA. Castaneda is a really polished act, and I was surprised to […]

Los Angeles Traffic

Words cannot describe how frustrating is it to drive anywhere in Los Angeles. The part that really slays you is when you realize that the problem is not bad drivers. (Warning: It will take you at least a solid year to come to this realization.) The real problem is the traffic infrastructure: traffic lights, stop […]

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

I have to admit that I was a huge fan of the West Wing. I thought it was “the most intelligent show on television“. The last season (or was it two?) though — after Aaron Sorkin stopped writing — it really jumped the shark. I was still pretty sad to see it go. I have […]