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How Not to Say the Wrong Thing: The Ring Theory of Kvetching

The Five Stages of Feeding a Toddler

See also: Kübler-Ross Denial “What? You can’t be serious. You just said you wanted peanut butter and jelly.” Anger “You eat this bite right now. Sit down! Eat it!” Bargaining “Please? Please have another bite? If you have another bite you can have more chocolate milk.” Depression “I can’t believe you’re not going to eat […]

Nobody Really Likes Farmville

I think I will stab myself in the stomach with a fork if one more person sends me a stray chicken or cat or whatever it is that people keep sending me; but it’s worth reading this seriously fascinating psychological analysis of why people play that annoying game.

Friday Five: Irrational Fears
  1. … that I’ll get eaten by a shark
  2. … that I’ll jump from a tall building
  3. … that I’ll get a bacterial brain infection from swimming in a lake
  4. … that I’ll slice the end of my finger with a paring knife
  5. … that I’ll trip while walking up (not down) a flight of stairs

There’s a fascinating article at the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology called Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments. This is the sort of essay that makes you wonder about yourself. Just in case you weren’t already wondering. Or in case you thought you were […]


Factors such as age, confidence in one’s sexual prowess and preference for either “fast” or “slow” sex help determine how often men and women achieve orgasm, according to a new survey of more than 2,200 adults in Finland. Overall, individuals “who have developed a perception that they are skilled and experienced lovers are more orgasmically […]

Sex, Lies, and Monogamy

Women only stay with men for security, and men only stay with women for sex. It’s a cynical view of human relationships, but researchers now say it is the driving force behind the evolution of monogamy — and women started it. By offering sex all the time, females in monogamous species disguise whether they are […]

horny therapist

Have a conversation with a horny therapist! link via weblog wannabe

Emotional Intelligence

I scored a 33 out of 48 on the Emotional Intelligence Quiz. According to them, that means my “emotional intelligence appears well-developed. [I am] probably productive and highly valued.” er. Yeah. Something like that. link via weblog wannabe

Soup and Personality

A University of Illinois professor found a correlation between soup and personality … I love Cambpell’s Chunky Beef and Vegetables and New England Clam Chowder. I wonder what that says about me. link lifted from Follow Me Here


From For Shame: The Loss of Common Decency in American Culture, by James B. Twitchell (p.186, 1997, St. Martin’s Griffin) In my estimation, ten minutes under the dunce cap may have done more than vials of Ritalin for those suffering from attention deficit disorder, dysrationalia, or whatever affliction du jour is conjured up by counselors […]