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WordPress Wednesday: Two Excellent Blog Hosts

In the last five or six years I have used almost exclusively only two web hosts: DreamHost and Network Redux. I consider myself an “informed source” when it comes to the reliability of web hosts: I have hosted well over 3,000 websites with these two companies since 2000. If you are planning on running a

Had a slight meltdown here at the ol’ weblog this afternoon. It seems that Dreamhost decided to rename a computer — specifically the one that hosts all my websites — without telling anyone. That caused a bit of a problem since the MovableType CMS (That’s the engine that drives this page!) needs to know the correct file paths in order to publish. Comments weren’t appearing, posts were lost… it was blog hell.

Everything’s fixed now. You can go about your business.

Hosting Controller

Hosting Controller looks interesting. Anyone have any experience with it?


I receive many messages similar to this one: so what if I want to set up a blog and play with it for a bit before I publish it to the world? How would you recommend I go about that? Do I need my own domain and hosting service first? Here’s what I can tell

I have MovableType running now and this blog, Works in Progress is a MovableType blog! I’m using DreamHost as my web host, and thought – on the off-chance that anyone reads anything here ever – that I’d note some things specific to DreamHost. The most important thing to note is that under DreamHost a user has an account root. This is where you should place your MovableType db directory.

I have several domains hosted at DreamHost, so when I connect using WS_FTP I start in my root account. That means I’m presented with a directory for each of the domains I have hosted there. Aside from some shell-specific variable files, this root directory only contains one directory for each domain hosted, and, now, my MovableType db directory.

The path to your root account at DreamHost is simply: /home/username/

So, assuming you name your db directory db, the DataSource variable in your mt.cfg file should read: DataSource /home/username/db

Obviously replace username with your DreamHost username.

domain name expired

So. My domain name ( registration expired on February 9. Rather than do something silly, like send me an eMail to warn me that it was about to expire, the folks at dotster simply closed my home on the ‘net and replaced it with that Renewal Notice. As far as I can tell, I got

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