"Standing on a street corner waiting for no one is power." -- Gregory Corso

Next Man Up

Last night I finished reading Next Man Up: A Year Behind the Lines in Today’s NFL, by John Feinstein. It took me well over a month to get through this 400+ page epic covering the 2004 Baltimore Ravens season. Regardless of how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get into it. I am a huge […]

Ending Speculation

This is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do lately, but I feel I have no choice. As of today I am officially removing myself from consideration for the head coaching job in Dallas. As much as I love and respect the Cowboys organization, my life right now is simply too complicated […]

What happens here …

“What happens here, happens in the rest of the country a decade later.” We’re talking about Los Angeles, folks. This excellent quote is from a stupendous essay on why there will never be an NFL team in LA. It only took me a few months to realize that this place wasn’t going to be able […]

NFLN Fumbles

I was in football nirvana this weekend. I watched no less than a dozen games — college and pro — since I left the office Friday night. The best by far was last night’s Boise State / Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl, one of the top ten football games I’ve ever seen. While watching Saturday night’s Giants […]

ESPN Has Nothing to Fear

I was listening to Colin Cowherd’s “The Herd” on my local ESPNRadio affiliate while I drove to work this morning. Colin was talking about the fact that the vast majority of cable companies are not carrying the NFLNetwork. Apparently the Rutgers bowl game is going to be on the NFLN and that means that most […]

No Champagne for Shula and the Boys

And so another childhood belief is disproved. I had always liked the oft-told tale of the surviving members of the ’72 Dolphins sending a case of champagne to the team that beats the last unbeaten NFL team each season. Apparently it’s simply another urban legend. I followed a link from Pop Culture Junk Mail to […]

Florida Adds Chicago Bears To Schedule

Gainesville is abuzz these days as the 5-0 Florida Gators embark on a huge October. The fifth-ranked Gators will be tested with showdowns throughout the month. Now the slate has gotten even more challenging. Today coach Urban Meyer announced that Florida has added an October 21 matchup with the Chicago Bears to the schedule.

Sunday Afternoon Football

Los Angeles’ TimeWarner cable — previously known as Adelphia — is rotten. It is quite possibly the worst cable company in America. Two years ago they dropped the ESPN Gameplan, so there was no way for me to watch the Gators unless I hauled my butt over to Westwood to catch them at the UGA […]

Football and Computers

The unsung MVP of professional football? It’s IT. Analysis systems let teams archive stats and digital video from every game.

49ers lineman dies at 23

“Herrion was 6-foot-3, 310 pounds — fairly average for an NFL lineman, but considered obese within standards routinely accepted by the medical community.”

Stay Patient, Stay Alive

This month’s issue of Discover Magazine featured an article on The Math of . . . Changing Lanes. It was the usual drek on reasons why I shouldn’t drive like a maniac. It’s the sort of thing my mom would clip and mail to me with an “I told you so”-type note attached. Sneaking its […]

Gator Steelers

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Most analysts have identified the Steelers needs in the upcoming NFL Draft as being at cornerback and offensive tackle, and everyone knows the team always is in the lookout for another pass-rusher to plug into its 3-4, and Coach Bill Cowher got a chance to see what might be available when he […]

Jesse the Bachelor

The fifth Bachelor edition will also follow the established gradual process of elimination, as Jesse narrows the field of women from twenty-five to fifteen on the season premiere, presenting each of his choices with a single red rose. Jesse then closes the gap to 10, six, four, three, two and, ultimately, the one woman who […]

Danny Happy

While the free agent stars of the NFL jet across the country, seeking mind-boggling contracts with multimillion-dollar signing bonuses, Danny Wuerffel goes to work each day in one of the worst neighborhoods in America. Wuerffel could not be happier about it.

Spurrier May Be Gone for Good

Steve Spurrier has kept a low profile since his abrupt departure from the Washington Redskins, even ducking through airports in sunglasses and a hat. He’s not trying to hide anything. He’s just enjoying retirement after 20 seasons as a “head ball coach” in college and pro football. Spurrier says his new life so relaxing that […]


After watching highlights of several of his runs from yesterday afternoon, I’ve come to the conclusion that Michael Vick cannot possibly be human.

Bledsoe = Tough

It took Drew Bledsoe exactly two games to have the best passing day in 43 years of Buffalo Bills history. Bledsoe threw for 463 yards, three touchdowns and no picks against Minnesota, a bigger single-game yardage total than any compiled by Bills Hall of Famer Jim Kelly or Pro Bowl QBs Jack Kemp, Joe Ferguson […]

Ike Hilliard

New York Giants receiver Ike Hilliard will miss the rest of the season with a dislocated right shoulder suffered on a hit by All-Pro safety Brian Dawkins of the Philadelphia Eagles. An MRI on Tuesday disclosed a tear in both Hilliard’s labrum and pectoralis muscle. He will undergo surgery in about a month and will […]

Pro v. College

I think the University of Miami set back its greatest-team-in-college-football-history pursuit a few notches Saturday with an extremely fortunate 28-27 win over Florida State, coming from 13 down to do it. I talked to a few people around the league in the past few days about the top barstool question in the land: Could the […]


Holy Crap! I can’t believe that Al and John didn’t mention the CRUSHING obliteration of a block Warren Sapp laid on Kurt Warner! Brooks intercepted a pass on the Rams next-to-last possession and while he was on his way into the end zone, Sapp just completely destroyed Kurt Warner! Did anyone else see that?!