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Living Under a Rock

Living Under a Rock

With the possible exceptions of my father and (maybe-not-so-strangely-coincidentally) my father-in-law, I don’t know anyone who is as voracious a reader as I am. I also seem to consume an outlandish amount of television and there is rarely a moment in my life in which there isn’t music playing. Oh, and I love movies. Yet,

Real Products for Fictional Companies

The excellent local blog CurbedLA had an entry recently on artist Mark Bennett’s blueprints of fictional places. He has created very detailed floor-plans of famous pretend places, like the homes of George and Jane Jetson, Rob and Laura Petrie, and June and Ward Cleaver. (There’s a book, too!) I thought these were terrific so I

Goodbye, Jay Leno

I just saw a commercial for “the last month” of Jay on The Tonight Show. This really, really bothers me. I feel simultaneously like I am losing a close friend and as if he just took over for Johnny a few months ago. It’s like I’m just now getting used to him and I’ve known

Arrested Development

Awesome news from Jason: You can now watch every episode of Arrested Development online, for free, at! We just started watching this brilliantly funny show this summer. I’m only up to about the middle of season two, and am seriously looking forward to the rest.

Bada Bing

Warning: Post Contains Spoilers

NPR Voices

My Five Eight Favorite NPR Names Cokie Roberts Nina Totenberg Mandalit del Barco Korva Coleman Nora Raum Corey Flintoff Liane Hansen Sylvia Poggioli

A Media Bonanza

Just how long, do you think, until OscarTorrents gets slammed by Hollywood? They’re making it a snap to download all of this year’s Oscar-nominated films. Stuck somewhere without internet access? There’s a company named FON that’s giving away wifi routers in the hopes of blanketing the country with free wireless internet access. Already own one

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