A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it.

Lord of the Files: How GitHub Tamed Free Software (And More)

Friday Five: Web Development Resources
  1. validator.w3.org – the W3C markup validation service
  2. jshint.com – a tool to detect errors and potential problems in JavaScript
  3. fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome – the iconic font designed for Bootstrap
  4. stackoverflow.com – the best place to get technology questions answered
  5. scriptsrc.net – the quickest and easiest way to make sure your project always has the latest scripts included

Evidence Based Scheduling

How to Work with Software Engineers

If you need to strip all non-numeric characters from a string (except for the period character) using JavaScript, try:
string.replace(/[^\d.]/g, "");

Dangerous Mistakes

I was blessed — or cursed, I suppose, depending on your point of view — to have my first “real” programming job in the medical field. I wrote software which managed the processing of human tissue (knees, fascia lata, femurs, etc.) for implantation into human patients. I was very young and very stupid at the […]

WordPress Wednesday: Thesis Theme Tag Text

Today I’m going to explain how to make your WordPress blog display a special note based on a tag associated with a post. This tip is uniquely written for users of Chris Pearson’s awesome Thesis Theme, but if you are crafty enough with WordPress, you’ll be able to use it regardless of the theme you’re […]

What Have You Tried?

Over at mattgemmell.com I just found an excellent article about software development and a must-read for any programmer, at any level: If you’re a developer and you’re about to ask another developer a technical question (on a forum, via email, on a chat channel, or in person), you’d better be ready to answer the question […]

Totally awesome: Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote

Slicing Code with a Rusty Razor Blade

A year or two ago I was returning to my office from lunch with some co-workers. I spotted an old, rusty, razor blade on the sidewalk. “You don’t see that every day,” I said. In retrospect I was probably wrong. Everyone likely sees dozens of rusty razor blades on sidewalks and in gutters every day. […]

Computer Programming

Found: One brilliant article about being a programmer Source: MeFi

I Always Said ColdFusion Sucked

I was glad to see ColdFusion make it on this list of the top 10 dead (or dying) computer skills. It’s a ridiculous “language” that I never bothered to learn and used to tell people was craptastic and worthless when it was brand new and everybody and their mother was looking for people that knew […]

WordPress Gunning-Fog Analysis PlugIn

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to build a WordPress plugin to display a Gunning-Fog analysis on his blog. The math part was pretty easy stuff. I was having a borch of a time getting the plugin to count syllables, so I hunted through Google and found someone else had written […]

Amazon Wishlist Yahoo! Pipe

Today I decided that my life would not be complete if I didn’t learn how to use Yahoo! Pipes. So I gave it a shot. I couldn’t really think of anything I wanted in a pipe, so I decided to try building one that would let me search eBay for items on my Amazon wishlist. […]


How to Hack MySQL Paging Functionality into Microsoft SQL Server Web developers using PHP and MySQL have a crucial piece of functionality that classic ASP developers working with Microsoft SQL Server don’t. It’s pagination. Using MySQL’s LIMIT and OFFSET commands you can very easily add pagination to recordsets that you want to display on web […]

Dot Don’t

What system are people using to create web sites that have .do files? It seems that every site I visit that employs this coding is slow, slow, slow. Men’s Health and Capital One both have sites built with tons of .do files and redirects and both of them drive me nuts.

Business Days

(Q) How do I calculate total number of working days between two dates? (A) Use this function.


Lewies Blog Update: Lewies used to have a good article on how to execute FTP processes via ASP. It is apparently no longer there.


Code 10x More Efficiently Using Data Access Objects and PHP …

Perl v. Pearl

Note to hep-cat Amazon employees: “Perl the programming language” “Pearl Jam the rock band”.